Text Messaging Software for Staffing & Recruiting

The new generation of job seekers don’t reply to emails, but they do respond to texts.

It’s time to start using the form of communication your candidates prefer.

See How TextUs Improves Response Rates by 10x

How Text Recruiting Works at TextUs

Get started in minutes

Text directly from within the ATS or easily import new candidates from your ATS.

Segment your contacts

Create groups to text candidates pools, or send personalized 1:1 messages. Include images, videos, PDFs or branded links when you need to.

Understand what works

Test variations of your message, and get intuitive analytics about delivery, response rates and more.

Place more candidates!

With 98% read rates and 40% response rates, we’ll help you get the edge you’ve been looking for.

“TextUs has been a valuable tool for reaching a large pool of people quickly. It is one of my most powerful tool as a recruiter. I am able to fill positions quicker.”

– Val, TextUs Customer

Customize your message

Add images, videos, GIFs, or PDFs to your text messages, and stand out in your candidates’ inboxes.

Plus, with our A/B testing tool you can to understand which message better resonates with your candidates.

Automate your texts

Enable automated text message responses to common questions.

We’ll also segment your contacts into groups based on what they’ve expressed interest in, so you to send more targeted and customized content.

Know the numbers

Get targeted user analytics for each message and for your A/B test campaigns.

We make texting for recruiters easy

Two-way texting

Communicate the way candidates want you to.

Track everything in your ATS

Integrate all of your text messages directly into your ATS.

Dynamic campaigns

Schedule multiple campaigns at once without worries — we’ll take care of the timing.

Unlimited campaign

No more group size limits! (Daily message limits may apply)

Target the right contacts

Search by business name and tags in addition to name and phone number.

Typing indicators

Avoid stepping on each other’s toes: know when other users are typing in the same conversation.

Track effectiveness

View all of your texting analytics to see which recruiters communicate most effectively.

Chrome Extension

Send one-to-one texts, campaigns and manage conversations right from your browser.

Mobile App

Take TextUs with you anywhere.

Do more in less time

On average, TextUs staffing and recruiting customers experience 97% deliverability and 64% response rates. Your teams can communicate with candidates up to 10x faster compared phone or email!

Over 800+ staffing firms use TextUs to accelerate their recruiting, sourcing, and onboarding. Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

TextUs integrates into many CRMs, ATS, HRIS platforms, including Bullhorn, Workday, Greenhouse, Salesforce and more. See a full list here.

If you already have business landlines used for voice, TextUs can usually text-enable those numbers. Otherwise, we are happy to provide a virtual number with your preferred area code.

TextUs offers opt out management, so if a contact texts back “stop” or “unsubscribe,” they will automatically be opted out and unable to be texted again – unless they request to be opted back in.

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