What is 10DLC?

10DLC allows businesses to send texts from local phone numbers, even existing landlines. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, 10DLC is the messaging service you need to take engagement with consumers and workers to the next level.

Long Code SMS

10-digit long codes, or 10DLC, are carrier approved local phone numbers that allow businesses to send text messages to customers, prospects, candidates, employees and more. By text-enabling a local phone number, businesses can engage with stakeholders from a familiar area code, and drive higher engagement with two-way texting capabilities.

Benefits of 10-Digit Long Codes

Improved customer engagement

10DLC helps businesses offer an improved customer experience through more personalized two-way messaging, while giving customers the ability to initiate a conversation with your business.

Greater message flexibility

With 10DLC, it’s possible to send longer messages, allowing businesses to include more information than they could with short codes. This enables more effective communication with less limitations.

Lower costs

Short codes typically cost thousands of dollars per month, while 10-digit numbers are affordable for any sized business. 10DLCs offer a more cost-effective way to message customers and offer a higher return on investment.

Better trust and recognition

With two-way messaging, businesses can create a positive relationship with their customers. And messaging with a localized 10-digit number within a customer’s area code offers a greater sense of familiarity and trust.

Scalability and customization

With 10DLC, businesses can send high volumes of text messages while maintaining compliance with carrier regulations, helping streamline their texting efforts while reaching more customers.

Increased deliverability

10DLC creates A2P SMS routes that are dedicated solely to business-to-consumer traffic, making for more trusted messaging, less spam, and more reliable and consistent deliverability.

Faster throughput

Faster messaging speeds keep your team in sync and your customers happy. From time-sensitive updates to urgent requests, 10DLCs ensures that your messages are delivered quickly and efficiently, every time.

Industry compliant

All 10DLCs must be registered to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By registering your numbers, 10DLCs also come with a reduced risk of getting your messages blocked or flagged as spam.

How to Get Started with 10DLC Registration

Complete our registration form.

You’ll provide us with information about your company, industry, use case, samples of the messages you will be sending, and how you gather opt-in consent.

Submit your 10DLC registration

Once the form is completed, we’ll submit your 10DLC registration on your behalf and reach out if more information is needed. We’ll keep you posted on its status and let you know as soon as it gets approved.

Get a new 10DLC, or text-enable your existing number.

Once your 10DLC registration is approved, we’ll get you set up with new virtual numbers, or text-enable your existing 10-digit numbers. New virtual numbers will be created with your desired area code.

Start texting!

Once your numbers are set up, your team can begin texting.

Compare Number Types


10- Digit Long Code Toll-free Short Code
Area Code Local 8XX None
Digits 10 10 5 or 6
Throughput 13,500 messages per minute 180 messages per minute 6,000 messages per minute
Cost $ $$ $$$
Use Case 1:1, mass texting, recruiting, marketing, sales, workforce management Marketing, customer service, notifications, alerts Marketing, mass texting
Registration Registration is required and approval / set up usually takes a few days  Registration is required and approval / set up can take a few days to a few weeks Registration is required and approval / set up usually takes a couple to several weeks


A2P 10DLC refers to a formal system in the United States and Canada that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via standard 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. US mobile carriers consider all business-to-consumer text messaging to be A2P.

The purpose of this technology is to provide a more reliable and secure method of communication between businesses and their audience. With 10DLC, businesses can send higher volumes of messages with an improved delivery rate and faster throughputs. In addition, 10DLC limits “bad actors” to cut down on spam messaging, making SMS a more reliable and trusted form of communication.

Companies that use A2P SMS/MMS communication to connect with their customers.

Registering your 10DLC campaign is now required by all US mobile carriers to ensure that text messaging services are used responsibly and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. 10DLC campaign registration allows carriers to get additional information on A2P message senders and the type of traffic being sent to their mobile subscribers. Any business wanting to text its consumers must register, regardless of which texting platform they choose.

Campaigns for standard use cases are typically approved in a few days. Specialty use cases may require additional vetting which can take up to a few weeks, depending on how quickly carriers can review.

Yes, you can use your existing landline or VoIP number as 10DLC.

The answer is yes! With TextUs and our 10DLC service, you can send both SMS or MMS messages to your customers or clients. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send images, videos, and other multimedia content to your contacts, making it an ideal way to share more information or showcase your products visually.

Both short codes and 10DLCs are used to send and receive messages and allow businesses to communicate with end-users. Short codes are 5- or 6-digit numbers often used for specific use cases that require immediate message delivery such as 2FA, or alerts and notifications. 10DLCs are 10-digit local phone numbers businesses use for SMS and MMS messaging to engage their customers. 10DLCs are better suited for two-way messaging, and unlike short codes, have support for voice calls and a higher return on investment.

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