Landline Texting for Business

While most people use their mobile phones to text, did you know that it’s also possible to text from a landline number? Landline numbers are able to send and receive text messages just like mobile phones. This feature is especially useful in offices where landlines are the primary mode of communication. It makes communication easier and more efficient, saving time and effort.

Landline SMS Service

Landline texting for business is a convenient solution for companies that prefer not to have their employees use their personal mobile phones. Texting from a landline can be done through various methods, such as using a web-based platform or an application, which enables people to send and receive messages from any device connected to the internet. Being able to text from a landline number allows you to follow up through text from the same number you made a phone call from, making communication easier and faster than ever before.

Benefits of Landline Numbers

No need for a mobile phone

Not everyone feels comfortable texting from their personal phone, especially for business. By using a landline number for texting, those without a mobile phone or those who don’t want to use their personal mobile phone can easily participate in text conversations.

Privacy and security

With a landline number, companies have more control over who has access to employee conversations. Plus, landlines are generally considered more secure than mobile phones, so there’s less risk of company information being compromised.

Lower costs

Short codes typically cost thousands of dollars per month, while 10-digit, landline numbers are affordable for any sized business. Landline numbers offer a more cost-effective way to message customers and offer a higher return on investment.

More professional

If you’re using texting to communicate with clients or customers, using a landline number can give off a more professional impression. It shows that you have a dedicated business line and are serious about your communications with clients.

Scalability and customization

With landline numbers, businesses can send high volumes of text messages while maintaining compliance with carrier regulations, helping streamline their texting efforts while reaching more customers.

Increased deliverability

Landline numbers create A2P SMS routes that are dedicated solely to business-to-consumer traffic, making for more trusted messaging, less spam, and more reliable and consistent deliverability.

Faster throughput

Faster messaging speeds keep your team in sync and your customers happy. From time-sensitive updates to urgent requests, landline numbers ensure that your messages are delivered quickly and efficiently, every time.

Industry compliant

All landline numbers must be registered to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By registering your numbers, landline numbers also come with a reduced risk of getting your messages blocked or flagged as spam.

How to Get Started with Landline Texting

Complete our registration form.

You’ll provide us with information about your company, industry, use case, samples of the messages you will be sending, and how you gather opt-in consent.

Submit your registration

Once the form is completed, we’ll submit your registration on your behalf and reach out if more information is needed. We’ll keep you posted on its status and let you know as soon as it gets approved.

Text-enable your existing landline number.

Once your registration is approved, we’ll text-enable your existing 10-digit landline numbers.

Start texting!

Once your numbers are set up, your team can begin texting.


Adding texting functionality to your landline will not affect your voice service.

Once your landline number is set up for SMS, the best way to text from a landline is by utilizing the TextUs platform as a desktop app, our Chrome Extension, or the mobile app. We make it as convenient as possible for you to access texting wherever you are.

The answer is yes! With TextUs, you can send both SMS or MMS messages to your customers or clients. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send images, videos, and other multimedia content to your contacts, making it an ideal way to share more information or showcase your products visually.

Yes, you can use your existing landline or VoIP number for texting.

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