Salesforce SMS Integration with TextUs

Unlock the power of seamless communication using Salesforce SMS messaging for TextUs. Experience conversation with immediacy and impact, streamlining workflows and driving engagement rates that outperform industry standards.

TextUs + Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce SMS integration enables inside sales and customer service teams to send and receive real-time, two-way text messages from Salesforce using the TextUs platform.

Add Two-Way Texting to Your Salesforce CRM

Easily respond to prospects and customers by sending text messages from Salesforce with the same ease as email or phone communications.

Transition Contacts with Ease

Transitioning and managing contacts for text messaging in Salesforce is hassle-free. Easily find and import contacts from Salesforce pages into TextUs.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Log all of your team’s important text conversations back to Salesforce CRM records.

Integration features

Conversational Texting

Increase prospect and customer engagement by adding two-way Salesforce texting, and enhance your workflow with built-in quick text features for a fully integrated experience.

Rich Texting Capabilities

With our Salesforce SMS messaging, you can utilize message templates, track links, and engage with rich media, all within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Seamless Contact Import

Save time by seamlessly importing contact numbers from Salesforce to TextUs.

Conversation Logging

Keep your team on the same page by auto-logging text communications in Salesforce.

Already have Salesforce? Give TextUs a try!

TextUs for Salesforce enhances your CRM experience with integrated business-class text messaging, improving workforce productivity, increasing communication efficiency, and enhancing customer engagement. The Salesforce texting integration enables sales and customer service teams to send and receive real-time, two-way text messages from Salesforce to enhance communication workflows and boost response rates. Text conversations are logged back into Salesforce, making SMS a seamless extension of your current business systems, and streamlining data into one system of record. TextUs keeps your team informed so you can engage prospects and customers more effectively.

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