Real-Time Texting for Your Business

Personalized, two-way conversations from a convenient anywhere/anytime platform. This is the way texting should be.

Don’t let technology get in the way

Text-enable all your business phone numbers, giving candidates, customers and prospects an easy way to connect with your team. TextUs enables personalized, real time communication that saves time, reduces hassle and makes teams more productive, so they can communicate at the speed of today’s economy.

Stop texting from your personal phone

It’s time to take texting more seriously. Your text communication is just as important as your emails, your web chats, and your phone calls, so your text inbox needs to give you the kind of rich features you’ve come to expect. We allow you to sort conversations, quickly compose messages, talk-to-text, and look deeper into contact engagement.

Work together more effectively

Texting requires effective team collaboration to keep everyone on the same page. Increase your team’s efficiency with shared inboxes, multi-user conversations, and typing indicators so your team can stay informed and jump in to help out without stepping on each other’s toes.

Track communication across your business systems

Integrate TextUs with your existing CRM, ATS, or HRIS so that you can track data that matters most to your business. Target and connect with the right contacts, and record the properties that are most meaningful to your bottom line.

Reach more people with conversational campaigns

Gone are the days when your customers will tolerate spam messages. These are the business equivalent of a “u up?” text—and no one wants that. Our platform allows you to reach thousands of contacts in minutes with personalized, well-crafted messaging, and dive into analytics for a more granular look into performance.

Automate repetitive tasks

TextUs helps your team simplify your processes and save time with recurring campaigns, unlimited keywords and auto responses, drip sequences, and automatic contact segmentation for easy re-targeting.

Customize your product experience

With our white label SMS platform, make texting a seamless extension of your current product offering and let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll take our industry-leading conversational text messaging platform and brand it to make it your own.

Flexible Plans, Reasonable Pricing

Choose the plan that serves your organization best. With flexible options for businesses large and small, there’s a TextUs plan for everyone.

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