HubSpot SMS Integration with TextUs

TextUs for HubSpot brings two-way texting right into your contact window and enhances workflows with automated, personalized text messages, making it a seamless HubSpot text messaging integration.

TextUs + HubSpot SMS Integration

Build outbound texts into your HubSpot automation workflows. Send personalized texts from your TextUs number to contacts in response to any HubSpot SMS automation trigger, enhancing your HubSpot SMS marketing efforts.

Create More Engaging Automation Workflows

By building customizable outbound SMS and MMS texts into your automation workflows and HubSpot SMS campaigns, you can increase engagement and drive higher response rates, not only in direct messaging but across all your multi-channel marketing and HubSpot text marketing strategies.

Nurture Leads and Drive Pipeline Creation

By providing both SMS for workflows and conversational texting, TextUs lets you easily nurture leads and drive higher conversion rates throughout your sales and marketing funnels, leveraging inbound SMS HubSpot technology for improving pipeline creation and speed to close.

Make Your Team More Effective

By automatically logging text conversations back to HubSpot, TextUs keeps your team informed so they can engage with prospects and customers more effectively through a seamless SMS HubSpot integration.

Integration features

Build Texts into HubSpot Workflows

Add a personal, more engaging touch to your automation workflows by building in customizable texts that send from your TextUs number, enhancing your HubSpot SMS integration.

Add Two-Way Texting to HubSpot

Easily respond to prospects and customers by texting them directly from the TextUs Embedded Messenger.

Easily Resume Conversations

Easily find and resume any conversation within the TextUs inbox, with clear indicators of which messages were sent from HubSpot workflows.

Log Conversations Back to HubSpot

Keep your team on the same page by auto-logging text communications back into HubSpot for a single system of record.

Already have HubSpot? Give TextUs a try!

TextUs for HubSpot lets you easily add texting to your automation workflows to nurture leads throughout your sales and marketing funnels. Drive higher conversion rates across your multi-channel campaigns with dynamic personalization and rich media to increase engagement and build pipeline at scale. Engage even further by communicating seamlessly from the contact record with embedded messenger, available only with the TextUs integration, the best HubSpot SMS integration available.

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