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For banking professionals and fintech employees, our SMS broadcast and text message banking service is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Experience a seamless communication journey powered by our cutting-edge technology, tailored for both customer care and marketing outreach.

Why TextUs for Finance & Funding?

The potential of SMS in financial services is vast, and the benefits extend beyond lead generation and sales. This direct, personal, and dynamic form of communication can enhance customer experience, streamline internal operations, and solidify trust in the financial market. With the right approach and tools, financial institutions can leverage the power of SMS to not just meet but exceed client expectations.

Create Efficient Workflows

TextUs can be integrated with your existing CRM systems, enabling the automation of lead nurturing campaigns at scale. This automaton ensures that no lead goes cold and that communication is always relevant and timely.

Increase Advisor Productivity

Maximize the time your advisors spend building relationships with group broadcasts.

Automate Routine Tasks

Handle appointments, reminders, and follow-ups with unparalleled efficiency.

Track Texts in Your CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically.

Create Workflows

Use Keywords and Sequences to automate your workflow for more efficient communication.

Increase Engagement through SMS

The ability to engage leads in real-time with SMS is invaluable for sales in the financial sector. This immediacy can make a significant difference in converting leads to clients, as well as providing prompt follow-ups after a sales call or meeting.

Schedule Meetings

Maximize the time your advisors spend building relationships with group broadcasts.

Address Concerns Quickly

Respond faster to client concerns, no matter where they are.

Answer Questions Quicker

Communicate and follow-up in a more personal 1:1 setting that your clients prefer.

Analyzing SMS Impact

Gain insights that reshape and refine your SMS strategies.

Looking for SMS for debt collection or lending?

We’ve got you covered!

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