SMS Marketing Software

TextUs is feature-rich SMS marketing software that increases engagement with leads and prospects resulting in substantial gains in pipeline creation and conversion.

Why TextUs for Marketing?

TextUs is the leading engagement platform for companies that want to engage in real-time with consumers over SMS. Our feature-rich software optimizes text messaging for marketing by providing campaigns and automation to drive lead generation with a seamless hand-off to sales for 1:1 conversational SMS to drive close rate. TextUs’ intuitive apps seamlessly integrate to your CRM for contact management and note logging, making them natural extensions of current marketing and sales processes.

Build more pipeline through SMS automation and campaigns

Increase engagement with leads and prospects with rich campaign features, automated text messages, and drip campaigns tailored for your business.

Unlimited Campaign Sizes

Send personalized messages and SMS promotions to larger contact pools with industry-leading throughput and deliverability.

Unlimited Custom Keywords

Set up automated texts that include keywords like “LEARN MORE” or “DEMO” to maximize engagement and drive intent.

Rich Media and Branded Links

Enrich campaigns with imagery and branded, shortened links to optimize response rates.

Automated Sequences

Help manage your outreach with sequences to create a series of targeted and personalized SMS drip campaigns.

Empower sales reps with SMS conversations

Conversational text messaging is now a business-critical tool for managing the sales cycle. SMS communication is now more important than emails and phone calls in engaging and closing prospects. TextUs provides the leading text marketing services that provides rich conversational features that allow reps to be more productive and significantly increase engagement with prospects.

User-Friendly Apps

TextUs covers every part of your day: mobile app when on the go, Chrome extension app when in your ATS, and web app when managing campaigns and automation.

Ultimate Ease of Use

Quickly get up and running, clearly organize conversations, and easily track your most important messages all with a minimal number of clicks.

Shared Inboxes

Empower multiple team members to work together to respond and manage conversations to never miss closing a deal.

Texting Templates

Remove the guesswork with shared or personal text templates that streamline your workflow and maximize contact engagement.

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