Real-time 2-way SMS at your finger tips

Personalized, two-way text message conversations from a convenient anywhere/anytime platform. You can sort conversations, quickly compose messages, talk-to-text, and look deeper into contact engagement.

How 2-Way Texting Works at TextUs

Inbox Management

Quickly organize conversations and avoid the inbox clutter so you can easily track your most important messages.

Texting Templates

Remove the guesswork with shared or personal text templates that streamline your conversations.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages to send out later so you can make sure your bases are covered.

Mobile App

When you’re on the go, leverage our mobile app to stay connected from anywhere.

Shortened Links

Shorten your URLs to improve readability, increase click through rates, and build greater trust with your audience.

Shared Inboxes

Empower multiple team members to work together to respond and manage conversations.

Message from Your CRM/ATS

Simplify your workflows by easily sending messages or campaigns from contact lists in your CRM or ATS.

Customizable Contact Properties

Record the contact properties that are the most meaningful to your business with customizable contact fields.

Stay on top of your communications with ease

Our intuitive platform resembles familiar technologies, such as email, so you can easily navigate all the features that help you get your messages out. We help you streamline your outreach by creating text templates your team can use across campaigns and 1:1 messages. And with our real-time notification alerts, never miss a message whether you’re at your desktop or on the go with our mobile app.

Effortlessly collaborate across your team

Business texting requires effective team collaboration to keep everyone on the same page. With shared inboxes and conversations, TextUs allows teams to work together more efficiently and foster a collaborative environment to achieve company goals.

Add trusted links to your messages

We offer built-in link shortening across the TextUs platform, allowing teams to easily add shortened links to conversational messages, campaigns, text templates, and more. Quickly add shortened links to any message to easily share meeting scheduling pages, job applications, or surveys with your audience. And by using built-in link shortening, teams will benefit from increased deliverability and trust of their messages when compared to third-party link shorteners.

Integrate with your favorite business and recruiting tools

Our CRM/ATS integrations let you easily add text messaging to your workflows and nurture leads and candidates throughout your sales and recruiting funnels. We keep your team informed by logging text conversations back into the CRM/ATS contact record, making SMS a seamless extension of your tech stack and streamlining data into one system of record.

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