SMS Real Estate Software

SMS real estate is helping buyers, sellers and lenders move through the real estate journey more efficiently. Whether you are looking to communicate with renters, homeowners in an association, or potential buyers, texting as part of your communications strategy will help you reach users where they already are – on their phones.

How it Works

Import client contact information

Schedule or send 1:1 text messages or mass text messages to reach clients faster

Respond to requests quickly as they come up

Sell more homes!

Enhance Your Communication Strategy

With a busy market, strong demand, and plenty of competition, having a strong communication strategy can make the difference between a deal or loss.

Improve your efficiency with Keywords, a TextUs feature that can automate text responses for common questions and categorize buyers into groups based on their interests – so you can more easily follow up with additional information.

Catch Eyes with Campaigns

Add photos, videos, or shortened links of your listings to catch the eye of a potential buyer right away. And if you aren’t sure which real estate texts resonate best with your customers, our A/B testing capabilities will give you visibility into what performs best making texting for realtors seamless and efficient.

Why Real Estate Teams Choose TextUs

Process Efficiency

Use real estate text messaging software to send video messages, reminders, status updates and follow ups.

Increase Lead Response Rates

Text leads to get a 40% response rate and makes lead follow up much faster.

Expedite Documents

Communicate faster to ensure all docs are signed quickly and easily, making move-in or closing day that much smoother.

Schedule More Real Estate Showings

Get more tours by using SMS for real estate to connect with potential buyers and tenants.

Get a TextUs Demo

Learn how real estate teams use TextUs everyday to communicate in real-time.