Build better Text Messaging campaigns

Drive pipeline creation and improve conversion rates through enhanced SMS campaign features such as MMS messaging – including images, videos and PDFs, A/B testing, branded short links and more.

How Text Message Campaigns Work at TextUs

Unlimited SMS Campaign Sizes

Send text campaigns to larger audiences with industry-leading throughput. (Daily message limits may apply.)

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule multiple text message campaigns at once, or set up recurring campaigns to automate routine communications.

Personalized Messages

Dynamic variables let you easily add contact details to give your messages a personalized touch.

Rich Media Support

Increase engagement by adding images, videos, GIFs, or PDFs to your mass MMS messaging and conversational messages.

A/B Testing Tools

Easily determine your strongest performing message by A/B testing up to three message variants per campaign.

Branded Link Shortening

Quickly add shortened, branded links to your messages – no third-party service required.

Campaign Reporting

Measure engagement, track deliverability, and compare performance across your text message campaigns.

Link Click-through Tracking

Gain more insight into text message campaign performance by evaluating click-through rates.

Ensure your messages reach your audience with SMS campaigns

Our platform allows you to reliably reach thousands of contacts in minutes with personalized, well-crafted messaging, and dive into analytics for a more granular look into performance.

Watch your SMS campaigns come to life with rich media

Give your mass MMS messaging campaigns a new life by including images, videos, GIFs, and PDFs to enhance your message and increase response rates and conversions.

Build trust with branded URLs

With built-in branded link shortening, you can build trust in your brand, increase the deliverability of your messages, and maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Test your SMS campaigns with our A/B Testing tool

Whether you want to test message performance based on copy, user personalizations, or the addition of rich media with MMS messaging, we allow you to compare performance metrics such as response rates and link click through rates so you can pick the strongest version for future text message campaigns.

Gain insight with reporting and user analytics

Schedule reports and dive into campaign analytics for a deeper look into how your text message campaigns perform. And we give you full transparency into your best performing messages to drive higher deliverability, increase contact engagement, and ultimately maximize conversion.

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