Sense Alternative: #1 Sense Competitor in SMS

TextUs, the leading Sense alternative in SMS, is saving recruiting orgs budget as their new messaging solution for mobile-first customer journeys.

5 Reasons Why Customers are Choosing to Switch from Sense to TextUs


sense alternative for SMSGet better engagement, lower price.

There is no shortage of SMS offerings and Sense competitors in the SMS market, so how can you tell which offering will be right for you?

Let’s examine five compelling reasons why an increasing number of Sense customers are transitioning to the number one sense competitor, TextUs.

1. Cost Savings without Sacrificing Functionality

The current economic landscape has more businesses looking to get lean on spending without having to forgo important parts of their tech stack. TextUs provides a comparable feature-set to Sense, allowing businesses to maintain swift response times and establish strong customer connections at half the cost.

Experience familiar and intuitive apps:

Web App

Manage all of your conversations, contacts, and campaigns in one place.

Chrome Extension

Easily text contacts from this slide-out while using your CRM or ATS application.

Mobile App

Send texts and get real-time notifications anywhere with our native mobile app.

live example of sms marketing platform

2.Industry-Leading User Interface and Simple Automation

Another significant factor driving the switch from Sense to TextUs is a superior, user-friendly platform. In an era where digitally intuitive designs are highly sought after, TextUs continues to innovate with enhanced features like automation, keyword response, and text blueprints while keeping it easy and simple to use.



white label keywords

3. Unbeatable Text Deliverability

Imagine 5% of your messages are not sent – for reasons unknown to you. Well this is a reality when dealing with softwares that offer texting and have not done their due diligence with steps such as 10DLC registration and phone line filtering. TextUs has unrivaled deliverability compared to alternatives such as Sense thanks to a strong standing with national carriers, line filtering, and offerings such as branded shortened links.



4. Media Rich Campaigns

Drive pipeline creation and improve conversion rates through enhanced SMS campaign features (such as MMS messaging) which allow you to include images, videos, PDFs, A/B testing, branded short links and more. As the #1 Sense competitor, TextUs continues to develop new ways to deliver rich media campaigns to thousands of your prospects and customers.



support team

5. Unmatched Customer Support

TextUs takes pride in its superior customer support, providing industry-leading response times as well as quick and efficient onboarding. Our customer experience team is always standing by and is here to enable your success with TextUs. In addition, we actively seek feedback from customers to continuously improve our product and meet customer needs effectively.

SMS features that make sense

These features make sense here at TextUs, but you won’t find them with Sense Messaging.

Text quality indicator

Contact segmentation

A/B testing

Branded link shortener

Link tracking



Looking for more feature comparisons between TextUs and Sense? Here is a breakdown of what you will receive from TextUs and Sense.

Platform Products
Web app
Mobile app
Chrome extension
User Features
1:1 messaging
Mass texting
Scheduled messages
Message personalization
Opt-in status
Contact import
Auto responses
Text quality indicator
Contact segmentation
Add attachments 
A/B testing tools 
Branded link shortening
Link tracking
Automated sequences
Admin Features
SSO Support
Data encryption
CRM / ATS integrations
10DLC registration 
3rd-party penetration testing
Customer Resources
Dedicated account manager
Technical support
Help center


Overall, we are seeing a lack of feature fulfillment driving Sense customers to TextUs.

A quality SMS platform will have higher adoption and usage that lets you future proof your talent acquisition.

TextUs users love our platform! G2 rated TextUs as a leading conversational texting platform for mid-market and enterprise companies.

We are a feature rich company supporting high functionality that lets you recruit and place candidates with ease, but we also execute at a high level and are relational. Our customer support team, UX process, and team-first mentality mean that no matter the role, our team is transparent and invites customers into our product roadmap.

And in case all of that wasn’t enough, here are some other thought-provoking reasons why TextUs is the better choice as a Sense competitor.

If you’re ready to make the move, we’d welcome the opportunity to show you why TextUs is the better solution, and a great Sense alternative, for your SMS strategy. Request a demo today!

Discover additional enhancements:

Import Conversations

Import contacts and conversations from a previous texting provider by uploading your history with a CSV file.


Turn on integrations with CRM and ATS applications with the click of a button.


Gain insights on user adoption and behaviors to maximize performance.

Service and Support

Get best practices and support that maximize adoption and response rates.

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