Workday® SMS Integration with TextUs

Enhance your Workday experience with integrated texting to increase productivity and communicate with candidates and employees more efficiently.

TextUs + Workday Integration

The TextUs Workday® SMS integration brings the leading text messaging platform to the leading HRIS in the market.
Talent acquisition and HR teams can seamlessly integrate texting into their daily process within Workday and see increases in candidate and employee engagement with the real time communication timeline that text messaging provides.

Increase candidate and employee engagement

Easily communicate with candidates and employees using personalized two-way text messaging to enhance engagement and get faster responses.

Streamline candidate and employee communications

Streamline communications and scale your outreach to quickly send updates, announcements, and more throughout the employee lifecycle.

Make your team more effective

By automatically logging text conversations back to Workday, TextUs keeps your team informed so they can engage with candidates and employees more effectively.

Integration features

Conversational Texting

Send two-way text messages to candidates and employees to enhance engagement and streamline operations.

Automatic Contact Syncing

Save time with automatic contact syncing of contact information from Workday into TextUs.

Rich Texting Capabilities

Increase engagement and efficiency with personalized campaigns, automated sequences, and more.

Conversation Logging

Keep your team on the same page by auto-logging text communications in Workday.

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TextUs for Workday enhances your HCM experience with integrated text messaging to increase productivity and communicate more efficiently. This integration allows teams to send and receive real-time, two-way text messages to streamline operations and enhance engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. Text conversations are logged back into Workday, streamlining data into one system of record and keeping your team informed so they can engage candidates and employees more effectively.

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