SMS Insurance Software

Improve claims efficiency and reach customers wherever they are with a powerful, user-friendly insurance text messaging platform. When it comes to communication from your insurance company, the timing of your messages is just as important as the content.

Why Insurance Firms Choose TextUs

Expedite Claims Handling

With a 98% read rate, communicating on a proven insurance text message platform prompts more responses, faster.

Increase Claims Agent Productivity

Unlock more avenues for claims. Allow agents to connect with busy customers in real time.

Personalize Communications

Provide support and guidance throughout the claims process with 1:1 conversational SMS.

Provide Claim Updates

Keep your customers in the loop on the status of their claims via short text updates.

Improve Sales & Marketing Efforts

Reach new and existing customers with promotions and new product offerings.

Maintain Communication Records

All text conversations are stored for reference and easy integration with claims management systems.

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