SMS Insurance Software

Revolutionize your insurance claim process and connect with customers seamlessly through our premier insurance text messaging platform. Empower your communication with unparalleled efficiency and meet your clients on their preferred ground—right in their message inbox.

Why TextUs for Insurance?

Maximize your claims processing efficiency and connect with policyholders instantly. Envision a sophisticated insurance text messaging platform tailored for peak user convenience and effectiveness. Picture streamlining your communications with examples like real-time claim updates, scheduling reminders, and instant feedback requests — all from the device your customers keep within arm’s reach.

Create Efficient Workflows

With TextUs automation, you can provide real-time updates on the status of claims with automated SMS alerts, reducing call volumes and increasing customer service efficiency. Improve collection rates and customer loyalty by sending automated SMS reminders for policy renewals and payments. TextUs seamlessly integrates with the leading CRM and claims management systems, keeping your workflow efficient and automated.

Expedite Claims Handling

With a 98% read rate, communicating on a proven insurance text message platform prompts more responses, faster.

Increase Claims Agent Productivity

Handle appointments, reminders, and follow-ups with unparalleled efficiency.

Improve Sales & Marketing Efforts

Reach new and existing customers with promotions and new product offerings.

Create Workflows

Use Keywords and Sequences to automate your workflow for more efficient communication.

Increase Engagement through SMS

Utilize SMS platforms to deliver hyper-personalized content, offers, and reminders, resonating with your clients on a deeper level. Bringing in SMS as a customer engagement tool has been proven to boost interaction rates significantly, driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction scores.

Personalize Communications

Provide support and guidance throughout the claims process with 1:1 conversational SMS.

Provide Claim Updates

Keep your customers in the loop on the status of their claims via short text updates.

Maintain Communication Records

All text conversations are stored for reference and easy integration with claims management systems.

Analyzing SMS Impact

Gain insights that reshape and refine your SMS strategies.

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