Texting for Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, every second counts. Delayed information can spiral into missed deadlines, increased costs, and unhappy customers. Our cutting-edge SMS solutions for manufacturing are designed to eliminate these risks. Send and receive real-time alerts, ensure that your supply chain is updated instantly, and enjoy the benefits of unparalleled efficiency.

Why TextUs for Manufacturing?

Send SMS alerts to your team that are not only quick but also customizable. Receive instant responses, track changes, and improve team coordination to keep production lines flowing smoothly. No more sifting through emails or waiting for calls. Engage with team members instantly, share vital updates, and collaborate seamlessly within a platform crafted to meet the industry’s demands.

Create Efficient Workflows

New hire procedures can be a drain on your resources and time. With TextUs, onboarding is transformed. Effortlessly send paperwork, schedule training sessions, and keep new hires and employees engaged with multimedia messages. Automatic replies and message sequences streamline your workflow, letting you focus on what truly matters—your people and your production.

Staff Faster

Grow your candidate pool and increase response rates by reaching workers where they already are, on their phones.

Communicate Emergencies Effectively

Quickly let your team know of an emergency situation with ease.

Track Texts in Your HRIS/CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically.

Create Workflows

Use Keywords and Sequences to automate your workflow for more efficient communication.

Increase Engagement through SMS

Harness the power of immediate, concise, and direct communication. Send important updates and reminders to employees such as shift schedules, safety information, and company policies. By fostering a culture of instant response and agile decision-making, you’ll have better retention and happier employees.

Schedule Shifts

Talk with employees 1:1 to let them know their schedules and make modifications quickly.

Address Concerns Quickly

Respond faster to employee concerns, no matter where they are.

Answer Questions Quicker

Communicate and follow-up in a more personal 1:1 setting that your teams prefer.

Recruit More Effectively

Staff warehouses, delivery drivers, and more using SMS to communicate with candidates and fill more job requisitions.

“We have dramatically increased the flow of applicants to the office since implementing TextUs,
and we have been able to locate associates using TextUs and fill orders.”

– William Rommell, Area Manager, Hamilton-Ryker

Frequently Asked Questions

TextUs integrates into many CRMs, ATS, HRIS platforms, including Bullhorn, Workday, Greenhouse, Salesforce and more. See a full list here.

If you already have business landlines used for voice, TextUs can usually text-enable those numbers. Otherwise, we are happy to provide a virtual number with your preferred area code.

TextUs offers opt out management, so if a contact texts back “stop” or “unsubscribe,” they will automatically be opted out and unable to be texted again – unless they request to be opted back in.

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