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Start connecting with your customers in ways that get attention. TextUs is the most flexible, easiest-to-use business SMS solution on the market. Your customers will love the on-demand attention, and your team will be able to get ahold of anyone, anywhere in real time, so they can finally communicate at the speed of today’s economy.

Meet your new inbox

It’s time to take text messaging for business more seriously. Your SMS communication is just as important as your emails, your web chats, and your phone calls, so your SMS platform for business needs to give you the kind of rich features you’ve come to expect.

Inbox Management

Quickly organize conversations and avoid the inbox clutter on your business SMS platform so you can easily track your most important messages.

Texting Templates

Remove the guesswork with shared or personal business SMS templates that streamline your conversations.

Scheduled Messages

Schedule messages to send out later so you can make sure your bases are covered.

Mobile App

When you’re on the go, leverage our mobile app, a key component of our business SMS solution, to stay connected from anywhere.

Enable your team

SMS in business requires effective team collaboration to keep everyone on the same page. With shared inboxes and conversations, TextUs allows teams to work together more efficiently on our enterprise SMS messaging platform, ensuring that your customers, candidates, leads, and employees never have a text that goes unanswered.

Shared Phone Numbers

Give team members access to multiple phone numbers, such as a department number and an individual number.

Shared Inboxes

Empower teamwork with our company SMS tools, allowing for collaborative response and conversation management.

Typing Indicators

Avoid stepping on each other’s toes: know when other users are typing in the same conversation.

Conversation Tracking

Keep an eye on important conversations, a hallmark of effective SMS messaging for business, so you can jump in and help out.

Reach a broader audience

The reach of your business SMS communications should have no limits. And in today’s texting world, your messages need to feel personalized, well-crafted, and meaningful to drive higher engagement from your audience, whether it’s to a handful of contacts or thousands.

Unlimited Campaign Sizes

Send campaigns to larger audiences with industry-leading throughput. (Daily message limits may apply.)

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule multiple campaigns at once, or set up recurring campaigns to automate routine communications.

Personalized Messages

Dynamic variables in our SMS platform for business let you easily add contact details to give your messages a personalized touch.

Campaign Reporting

Measure engagement and compare performance across your SMS campaigns.

Drive efficiency with automations

Our built-in automated features can help your team not deal with the small, cumbersome tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

Create Custom Keywords

Grow your contact lists and automate responses to routine questions using SMS keywords.

Auto Replies

Out of office? Not a problem. Automatic responses can let your contacts know when you’ll be returning their text.

Message Logging to Your ATS/CRM

We automatically log messages back to your ATS/CRM so you never have to worry about finding text history.

Scheduled Reports

Determine which reports you’d like automatically generated for you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Simplify management and insights

When you power your business with real-time communication with a proven SMS service, you generate a lot of conversations. TextUs unlocks enterprise-level management, insight, and control over text messaging throughout your entire organization.

Organization Mapping

Determine which teams and individuals have access to settings, templates, and more with organizational mapping.

Opt-Out Management

Get full transparency into your opt-outs and stay compliant with opt-out management.

Admin Controls

Access admin-level controls to apply settings and standardize templates that will be shared across your entire organization.

Analytics Insight

Gain insight into messaging, deliverability, and response rates for all accounts, and apply best practices across your organization.

Never lose a contact

As you connect with more and more people, you need a more robust contact system to help you stay on the pulse of your audience. We offer an advanced contact management system that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM/ATS.

Message CRM/ATS Contacts

Simplify your workflows by easily sending messages or campaigns from contact lists in your CRM or ATS.

Advanced Searching

Find the right contacts more easily with advanced search functions—search by business name and tags in addition to name and number.

Segment Contacts

Target the exact audience for your message by segmenting your contacts into thoughtful groups or categories.

Customizable Contact Properties

Record the contact properties that are the most meaningful to your business with customizable contact fields.

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