Toll-free Text Messaging

When it comes to communicating with customers or clients, toll-free numbers for texting have become popular due to their universal credibility. These numbers allow customers to text a business without incurring any charges, making it a great way to handle building relationships with customers.

Toll-free Texting

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want quick and easy ways to communicate with businesses. Toll-free SMS provides that convenience, enabling customers to inquire about products, request services, or ask questions in real-time. Moreover, businesses can use this service to connect with existing and potential customers, automate responses, and even garner feedback.

Features and Benefits of Toll-free Numbers

Brand trust

By providing a convenient and accessible method for customers to communicate with a business, toll-free texting creates a heightened sense of transparency and accessibility. Already have an 800 number? No problem. We can enable your current 800 number to text.

No cost for recipient

Unlike 10DLC, toll-free numbers typically don’t cost recipients their regular messaging cost. But toll-free numbers offer a more enticing way for consumers to respond because it won’t cost them anything.

Improved customer engagement

Toll-free numbers help businesses offer an improved customer experience through a more direct way to message for support, questions, or help.

Fast set up

To ensure the smooth operation of toll-free numbers, carriers implement initial traffic limits which increase once you complete the verification process. Submitting your verification form is needed to increase these limits.

Scalable throughput

One of the biggest advantages of toll-free texting is its throughput. It enables companies to handle a large volume of messages simultaneously, making it an effective communication option for businesses of all sizes.

Industry compliant

All toll-free numbers must be registered to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By registering your numbers, they also come with a reduced risk of getting your messages blocked or flagged as spam.

Automation Compatibility

Use our powerful text messaging automation tools to handle your team’s mundane tasks like sending tedious routine communications with your toll-free numbers.

Unlimited Keywords

Create an unlimited number of keyword triggers and paired auto responses to be used in a variety of ways across your messaging accounts.

How to Get Started with Toll-free Texting

Complete our registration form.

You’ll provide us with information about your company, industry, use case, samples of the messages you will be sending, and how you gather opt-in consent.


Submit your toll-free phone number for verification purposes. This important step ensures that you are indeed the authorized sender and guarantees that the messages sent from your number are fully compliant, free from spam, fraud, and unwanted content.

Start texting!

Once your numbers are set up, your team can begin texting.

Compare Number Types


10- Digit Long Code Toll-free Short Code
Area Code Local 8XX None
Digits 10 10 5 or 6
Throughput 13,500 messages per minute 180 messages per minute 6,000 messages per minute
Cost $ $$ $$$
Use Case 1:1, mass texting, recruiting, marketing, sales, workforce management Marketing, customer service, notifications, alerts Marketing, mass texting
Registration Registration is required and approval / set up usually takes a few days  Registration is required and approval / set up can take a few days to a few weeks Registration is required and approval / set up usually takes a couple to several weeks


Yes- you can text a toll-free number as long as the number has been text enabled by the business.

It works by providing a dedicated toll-free number that customers can use to send text messages to the business. This allows customers to ask questions, make requests, and receive updates in a quick and convenient manner. The process is simple with no additional fees for the customer. Businesses with TextUs can receive text messages on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, and send real-time responses to customer inquiries.

The answer is yes! With TextUs and your toll-free number, you can send MMS messages to your customers or clients. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send images, videos, and other multimedia content to your contacts, making it an ideal way to share more information or showcase your products visually.

Verification differs depending on the carrier, but generally can take a few days up to several weeks.

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