Text Messaging for Sports Teams

Enable your sales and marketing teams to communicate up to 10x faster than they can by phone or email and accelerate your sales cycle. Our versatile sports SMS solution helps you get ahold of season ticket holders, fan groups, and boosters faster and more efficiently by improving your teams’ productivity.

How it Works

Import customer contact information & create groups

Schedule or send 1:1 messages or mass campaigns to fans, season ticket holders, or for events

Respond to questions or requests as needed

Fill more seats!

Gain Insight into your Audiences

Whether its current season ticket holders or prospective fans, Campaigns Pro can help you get your audience’s attention by adding engaging images, videos, GIFs or PDFs to your messages. A/B testing and link analytics will help you understand what your audience is responding to and better inform future campaigns.

Automation for Sports

Improve your efficiency with SMS Keywords by automating responses to common questions, like ticket availability, special events, or promotions. Additionally, automate your outreach to prospects by using SMS sequences to create a series of targeted and timed 1:1 text message drip campaigns that automatically get sent to selected contacts over a period of time.

“Texting is a part of the sales evolution. Back in the day, we’d go door to door, then send faxes, then phone calls, then emails – now we have texting. Each improvement has helped sales reps close more deals and make our jobs more efficient.”

– Erik Eisenberg, Las Vegas Aviators

Why Sports Teams Choose TextUs

Increase Sales Rep Productivity

Maximize the time your team spends selling by using your texting solution to send group broadcasts.

Increase Response Rates

Text target customers to get a 40% response rate.

Fill Your Venues Faster

Use group broadcasts to connect with more fans faster.

Promote Special Game Offers

Reach your target audience with special offers and promotional events.

Put More Butts in Seats

Communicate faster to sell more game day experiences.

Track Texts in Your CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically.

Eliminate Cold Calls

Skip ineffective sales techniques and focus on a 1:1, conversational texting solution.

Track Sales Rep Effectiveness

Track texting analytics to identify texting best-practices.

Leave No Sale Behind

Get dormant sales targets to respond instantly.

Build Better Relationships

Communicate the way fans prefer.

Communicate Easier with your Team

Reach your team with ease with our text messaging for coaches solution.

Get a TextUs Demo

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