SMS for Sports

Whether its current season ticket holders or prospective fans, TextUs is feature-rich sales and marketing texting software that increases engagement with current or prospective customers. By using a platform that has a 56% conversational response rate, companies can talk with prospects about ticket sales, follow-ups, and event promotions resulting in substantial gains in pipeline creation and conversion.

Why TextUs for Sports?

TextUs is the superior SMS sales engagement platform for sports teams that want to engage in real-time conversations over SMS. With SMS, sports teams can engage their fans like never before, providing them with personalized and timely updates about upcoming games, ticket sales, and special promotions. By embracing the power of text messaging for sports teams, organizations can streamline their workflows, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately drive pipeline generation to close more deals. TextUs’ intuitive apps seamlessly integrate to your CRM for contact management and note logging, making them natural extensions of current sales processes.

SMS Marketing for Sports

Increase engagement with leads and prospects without cutting into your selling time with rich campaign features, automated text messages, and drip campaigns tailored for your business.

Promote Special Offers

Reach your target audience with special offers and promotional events with Keywords.

Bring More People to the Stadium

Send rich media campaigns to get people through the door.

Track Texts in Your CRM

Capture messages in your database automatically.

Increase Sales Rep Productivity

Maximize the time your team spends selling by using your texting solution to send group broadcasts.

Increase close rates through SMS conversations

SMS communication is now more important than emails and phone calls in engaging and closing deals. TextUs is a leading texting solution for sports that provides rich conversational features that allow you to be more productive and significantly increase engagement with prospects and leads.

Eliminate Cold Calls

Skip ineffective sales techniques and focus on a 1:1, conversational texting solution.

Leave No Sale Behind

Get dormant sales targets to respond instantly.

Build Better Relationships

Communicate and follow-up in a more personal 1:1 setting that customers prefer.

Fill Seats Faster

Fill more seats and VIP booths with a more personalized conversation.

Get a TextUs Demo

Learn how other sports teams use TextUs everyday to communicate in real-time.