2024 State of SMS Engagement Report Indicates Business Texting is on the Rise

business texting 2024

TextUs research finds sustained growth and engagement in text messaging usage, presents findings in upcoming webinar, scheduled for April 4, 2024 at 11am MT.

TextUs, today announced the release of its eagerly anticipated 2024 State of SMS Engagement Report. This comprehensive analysis offers unmatched insights into the evolving landscape of business communication, revealing the efficacy of SMS in driving engagement and enhancing prospect, customer, candidate and employee connections.

The report’s findings spotlight the pivotal role of SMS in achieving elevated engagement rates across various industries, outperforming traditional channels such as email, telephone calls, and direct mail. Notably, the data reveals an impressive 80% median response rate for SMS, markedly higher than other mediums. This high engagement level underscores the effectiveness of SMS in reaching audiences, particularly in applications like workforce management, recruitment, sales, and marketing.

Key insights include the efficacy of SMS in engaging contacts unfamiliar with a brand, with 74.3% recognizing texting as more effective than email in sparking engagement and 76.2% citing SMS as more conducive to generating actions that lead to a purchase. These statistics not only highlight the critical importance of choosing the right engagement channels but also confirm the unique value proposition of TextUs in fostering connections that drive tangible business outcomes.

“Through our platform, we’re proving that SMS is not just a fundamental but a preferred communication tool for modern businesses,” said Megan Dumas, Product Marketing Lead at TextUs. “The 2024 State of SMS Engagement Report not only reiterates the unmatched read and response rates of business texting but also positions it as a key pillar of future customer engagement strategies.”

Businesses eager to elevate their engagement metrics and see a direct impact on their bottom lines are invited to explore the full report and learn more about TextUs’s innovative solutions at www.textus.com.

TextUs will be presenting the full findings of its State of SMS Engagement report in a live webinar on Friday, April 4th at 11am MST.  Webinar guests are encouraged to register even if they are unable to attend the live session as a recording will be emailed to all registrants following the presentation.  Registration is open to the general public and can be found here.


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