TextUs Releases HubSpot Integration, Bringing Integrated SMS and Embedded Messenger to Leading CRM

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Leading conversational texting platform brings one of a kind, embedded SMS integration to HubSpot empowering HubSpot customers to text directly from workflows and contact records.

Denver, Colorado, June 6, 2023 – TextUs, the leading conversational texting platform has announced the release of its HubSpot integration, enabling users to send and receive two-way SMS from directly within HubSpot workflows and contact records.

The TextUs-HubSpot integration fulfills a unique need in the SMS space by allowing users to easily add texting to their automation workflows, enabling them to better nurture leads throughout their sales and marketing funnels. Additionally, TextUs is the first SMS partner in the HubSpot marketplace to include embedded messenger capabilities, which allows users to utilize two-way text messaging directly from the HubSpot contact record. Text messages are then logged back into the contact record as notes, so that users can easily track all conversations with leads, prospects and customers.

Key features of the HubSpot integration include:

  • Build Texts into HubSpot Workflows. Customizable texts can be triggered automatically within HubSpot workflows that send from a text-enabled business phone number
  • Use Texts as Automation Triggers. Use logged inbound texts as triggers for other HubSpot actions, giving users more ways to build pipeline, nurture leads and convert at higher rates.
  • Add Two-Way Texting to HubSpot. Easily respond to prospects and customers by texting them directly from HubSpot using the TextUs embedded messenger.
  • Easily Resume Conversations. Easily find and resume any conversation within the TextUs inbox, with clear indicators of which messages were sent from HubSpot workflows.
  • Log Conversations Back to HubSpot. Texts are auto-logged text communications back into HubSpot for a single system of record.

As SMS has become the communication tool of choice for many businesses, TextUs has seen adoption of the medium expand. In TextUs’ latest State of Texting report, they found text messaging to be the leading communication channel among those surveyed, outpacing email and phone by large margins. Over 50% indicated text messaging was the most effective way to communicate in their business workflows. Additionally, 62% of users indicate they are using text messaging multiple times per day.

“We are excited to announce the release of our HubSpot integration, which adds text communication throughout the Hubspot platform,” notes Megan Dumas, Product Marketing Manager at TextUs. “By adding SMS to your automation workflows, we make it easy to drive higher response rates in a way that’s scalable for your team while the embedded messenger puts one-to-one follow ups at your fingertips. This integration will unlock a ton of potential for anyone that uses HubSpot, with multiple ways to add touchpoints and nurture leads at any stage within your pipeline,” she adds.

The TextUs integration to Hubspot is available to all Hubspot customers effective immediately. As an authorized Hubspot marketplace partner, TextUs is easily searchable in the marketing and SMS categories. Once a user has created a TextUs account, the integration is easily connected through the account settings on both platforms.

To see a video of the Textus Hubspot integration in action, click here.
To learn more and get a demo, please visit: https://textus.com/integrations/hubspot/.

About TextUs
TextUs is the leading conversational messaging platform that enables organizations to have engaging real-time message-based conversations with their customers, candidates, and employees across their entire journey with the organization. With seamless integrations to the top applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, texting is an easy and seamless extension of current business systems and day to day workflows. With a 98% read rate and up to 45% response rates, TextUs delivers business text messaging combined with automated features to connect businesses with their customers in real time, making users more productive and driving better results to their bottom line. To learn more, visit www.textus.com.