Meet TextUs at eTail: Where Retail Meets Real Conversations

Dive into the future of retail with TextUs at eTail. As we gear up to join this landmark event, we invite you to discover how we’re transforming retail communications, one conversation at a time.

At booth #419, it’s not just about demos and discussions; it’s about experiencing firsthand how personalized texting can elevate your customer connections and drive your retail strategy forward. Let’s explore together how genuine engagement can set your brand apart in the competitive retail landscape.


February 26-29

Where to find us?

Booth #419


In booth, Yeti cooler giveaway

TextUs: Where Every Message Matters

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of retail, leveraging texting as a strategic advantage is not just innovative, it’s essential. TextUs transforms the art of customer engagement by elevating texting beyond its traditional boundaries. Our platform is designed for the retail industry’s pulse, turning every message into a powerful connection tool that resonates deeply with your customers. With TextUs, you’re not just sending texts; you’re creating moments of engagement that are as personal and impactful as a conversation with a close friend.

Visit us at booth #419 to discover how TextUs can help you turn simple texts into powerful connections. Let’s redefine what’s possible in retail together. Your next conversation could be the start of something big.

About TextUs

TextUs is the leading conversational messaging platform that enables organizations to have engaging real-time message-based conversations with their customers, candidates, and employees across their entire journey with the organization.

With a 98% read rate and up to 45% response rates, TextUs delivers business text messaging combined with automated features to connect businesses with their customers in real time, making users more productive and driving better results to their bottom line.

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