Powerful Hubspot SMS marketing tools

The TextUs and Hubspot integration is a game-changer for businesses looking to leverage SMS marketing as part of their communication strategy. It seamlessly integrates with Hubspot, allowing businesses to send personalized or bulk SMS messages to their contacts directly within the CRM platform.

Generate more leads with Hubspot SMS marketing campaigns

With just a few clicks, businesses can set up and send Hubspot SMS campaigns to drive lead generation, nurture more effectively and sell to their existing contacts.

Embed SMS keywords, links, and QR Codes in emails

Every text message is only as good as its call to action. That is why TextUs has made it so easy to embed automated keywords, branded shortened links, and rich media into SMS outreach. You are now able to launch SMS campaigns that rival your email and call outreach – boosting overall engagement.

Run SMS campaigns alongside email campaigns

Set up Hubspot workflows to automate your email and SMS campaigns in lock-step. Set up customized workflow entrances to enroll your contacts into the ultimate drip campaign – sending content from both email and text to increase your chances at converting your leads.

Drive higher engagement with SMS marketing workflows

Unlock high engagement with low overhead by adding SMS into your existing workflows

Include SMS messages inside Hubspot workflows

Set up automated SMS workflows based on predefined triggers or events in Hubspot. This Hubspot SMS automation streamlines and enhances the customer journey, ensuring that businesses stay connected with their contacts at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Include SMS keywords in workflows for higher engagement

Boost efficiency with automated outreach and unlimited SMS keywords. Prompt your leads and contacts to respond to a text with a certain keyword that will trigger an automatic response, and continue down-funnel engagement based on contact behavior.

Use 1:1 text messaging inside Hubspot to drive higher conversion

Send 1:1 text messages right from the contact card

Continue conversations on a 1-to-1 basis directly within the Hubspot using the TextUs embedded messenger

Use 1:1 messaging to drive higher conversion and close rates

Follow up campaign and automated sends with personalized 1:1 messaging to drive higher conversion. Engage with your audience in real-time, and move contacts through the buyer journey more efficiently to drive pipeline and improve close rates.

Ready to roll?

TextUs and Hubspot is a must-have tool for businesses that want to leverage the power of text message marketing within their Hubspot CRM. With its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, personalized messaging capabilities, detailed reporting, and automation features, this tool provides everything businesses need to effectively engage with and convert their contacts through SMS. Say goodbye to switching between platforms and hello to a powerful SMS marketing tool that will take your marketing efforts to new heights.