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4 Texting Mistakes to Avoid

Our research shows these have the lowest response rates

We looked into our data discovered what works best with texting. TextUs viewed 9M texts over the past year (what?!) that have been sent on our platform! Knowing that people check their phones 262 times during the day, we can see how we’ve been able to help so many customers get their messages out millions of times.

With a close to 90% deliverability rate, TextUs assures that your messages get to your customers. Getting the message delivered is half the battle and we want to make sure that you see full success in your texting journey. That’s why we looked at texts from across different industries and geographies throughout the past year. We found patterns in some of the lowest-performing text messages and highlighting them will help you avoid these mistakes when you text.

Want to know the top four texting no-no’s to avoid and improve your response rate?

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