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The Business Texting Playbook for Sales

As a sales leader, you know how hard it is to get people’s attention. You’re competing for a constantly dwindling resource – not your audience’s money or space or time, but their attention. Even when you have perfect product-market fit and know that your leads want the solutions you offer, you have to beat out your competitor’s subject lines, Facebook posts of cute babies, and your prospect’s urgent to-do list to get a little face time (or screen time).

But, while everyone and their mother’s startup is using email and phone to get in touch with your prospects, you’re looking for another way. That’s why you’re here. Perhaps you have a sense that – even though text is quickly becoming people’s preferred mode of contact over phone and email – most companies aren’t taking full advantage of business texting.

Now is your chance. In a constantly distracted world and a teeming consumer world, there’s still one uncrowded but accessible space that allows you to connect with leads, show off your value, and get engaged responses: business text messaging. In fact, while email and voicemail have single digit response rates, text messaging has a 98% read rate and a 35% to 45% response rate.

Download the guide and learn how to to tailor your texting strategy to your sales team’s goals, get your prospects’ attention, and close deals faster.

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