What is real-time communication?



Real-Time Communication

Real-Time communication is a on-demand approach to business communication that companies use to create a more personal customer experience, build better relationships, dramatically speed up the way we do business. 


Rather than expect people to answer a cold call or wait days for an email response, real-time communication combines business text messaging, cloud-voice service and personalized automation to help you connect with in people in real-time.

Creating a more personal experience for people to connect with your company will help you get more customers and get business done faster.


With real-time communication, you’re not just spamming your message at your contacts, or expecting a response from a cold call or impersonal email: You’re opening a conversation in a personal way, and asking your contacts to respond when they’re able. On their terms.

For the first time, you’re able to start conversations with anyone, anywhere, in real time.


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