How to Adopt a Real-Time Communication Strategy


Connect, engage and delight your customers on their terms with the new communication strategy for the on-demand economy.

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • Why adopting a real-time communication strategy is crucial for any business that needs to talk to other humans
  • How a conversational approach to text messaging helps you connect with anyone, anywhere -- in real time
  • How other messaging megatrends, like live-chat and internal messaging, can build authentic, instant communication into every facet of your business
  • Actionable tips to create modern, multichannel workflows tailored to your customer at every stage of their journey with you

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

A New Communication Strategy for the On-Demand Economy

It’s considered world-class service to respond to customers within 15 minutes. But, for a growing number of companies, 15 minutes is way too long. In the on-demand economy, waiting has become unacceptable.

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Chapter 2

Real-Time Messaging is Eating the World

Text messaging, live-chat messaging, and internal team messaging are the cornerstones of a real-time approach. They’re all about the short, instant messages that can get you from A to Z — from confusion to clarity,

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Chapter 3

5 Best Practices of Real-Time Communication

The world of communication is evolving super-fast. Real-time communication will allow you to keep up with your customers, without being nagging, intrusive, or fake.

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Chapter 4

How to Adopt a Real-Time Communication Strategy

It’s important to take a look at how your customers interact with your business. No matter your company’s size, industry, or target audience, the conversation with your customer will have a journey that follows this path: Connect > Engage > Delight.

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Chapter 5

Connect, Engage, Delight: The 3 Steps to Get Started

Actionable tips to implement this strategy at each stage of your customer’s journey.

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