Put More Butts in Seats with Text Outreach

Does your sports team have multiple records and trophies with a loyal fanbase? Or do you have fun events that bring in the crowds? No matter the sport or venue, texting is a great communication tool to connect with your ticket holders and expand sales.  Texting lets you build relationships even after the seats are booked.  If you are reaching out to season ticket holders, expanding suite sales, or promoting group events, try out these 10 texts and see the engagement and sales go up.

10 texting templates for sales teams in sports


Tom – March Madness is here! Reaching out to our season ticket holders so you can secure seats to cheer on the Hoos. Reply back with “MADNESS” to talk about options today!


Hey, Bri: The Diamondbacks are on a winning streak.  Schedule time to talk about tix here tinyurl.com/tix


Luke – It’s here! Our seating and pricing chart for available season tickets. Take a look and text me back with a few options to book today. Go Bruins! tinyurl.com/chart


Hi Pat! Happy to let you know that your wait is over and we have an opening in our suites. Text back “Jaguars” to let me know you’re still interested in the best views.


Gary: Want a chance to win FREE playoff tickets? Simply reply back “PENS” to be entered to win.


Izzie – This is Sam with the VIP club for the Braves. We have an unlimited number of packages available for our home opener. Are you interested in hearing more? Reply “PLAY BALL” to explore options!


Hi Danny! Want to join us for Craft and Draft night at Paul Brown Stadium? We will have different apps and brews to try as you watch the Bengals play the Steelers. Click to book now. tinyurl.com/draft


Heather – It’s fireworks night on July 3 at American Family Field! What better way to celebrate the holiday than with the best view and team in America! Reply back with “FREEDOM” to hear our deals!


Don: Brewers won 95 games last season! How many wins will you see this year?! Season ticket renewals are here! Here are the current prices. tinyurl.com/renewal


Hey Wendy! Thank you for being a loyal Cavs fan! We have several fun events this season and wanted to let you know about our group deals. Here’s the lineup! tinyurl.com/events