Learn How to Engage More Candidates with TextUs + Bullhorn [Now Available in the Marketplace]

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Here at TextUs, we’re building our Business Texting Partner Network with an eye towards always increasing the value we deliver to our customers. These blog posts will introduce you to the software and tools that make up our constantly expanding network.

Learn more below about the power of the TextUs + Bullhorn integration now available on the Bullhorn Marketplace.

Send and receive text messages right from Bullhorn

You can now send and receive text messages right from your Bullhorn workflow. Beyond the basic SMS you may be used to, TextUs is a powerful business texting platform that will expand your reach and engage your team


Send personalized Group Broadcast messages from your Bullhorn Tearsheets

Not only can you send and receive individual text messages in your CRM, you can also send and schedule personalized Group Broadcast messages that convert to 1:1 conversations.


Standardize your text communication with organization-wide features

Make sure your entire team is on the same page with organization-wide features, such as templates, multi-user text-enabled numbers, contact opt-outs, and analytics.


Always be available to your contacts with multi-user phone numbers

With multi-user phone numbers, your contacts will always get a quick text response, even if their point of contact is out of the office.

Avoid message fatigue with contact opt-outs

In the same way your candidates and clients can opt out of emails, they can opt out of text message touches, too.

Create custom text messaging templates for your entire team

Bullhorn users can create custom text templates for messages they send regularly to clients. They can also share these templates organization-wide to help foster a consistent communication strategy.


Customize texting reports and analytics to boost engagement

By including text messaging data into reports and analytics, you can get a holistic picture of your communication strategy. This will help you tailor your communication strategy and improve your outreach efficacy for individual prospects.


Track and record all texting activity

Just as Bullhorn customers track and record email, web, and voice call activity from within the CRM, you can now track text messaging communication, too.


Learn more about the power of the TextUs + Bullhorn integration now available on the Bullhorn Marketplace.


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