Twilio SMS Alternative

TextUs’ White Label solution seamlessly enhances your existing technological ecosystem, offering a native extension that integrates with your current tech stack for more cohesive operations. With our solution, you not only lower the total cost of ownership in comparison to Twilio SMS messaging, but also accelerate the time to achieve a tangible return on investment.

With a clear focus on responding to customer requirements and pain points, TextUs is a complementary asset to businesses looking to streamline communication processes. The benefits are underlined by positive testimonials from users and supported by statistics that showcase our platform’s impact. We invite you to experience the unmatched proficiency of TextUs and encourage you to take the step toward optimizing your communication strategy with our proven solution.

Benefits of TextUs White Label vs Twilio SMS API

Reduced dev effort & faster implementation

Out-of-the-box integrations

Compliance expertise

Customization and branding

Ongoing maintenance & support

Why TextUs is a better Twilio SMS Alternative

When considering the alignment of texting with your business’s core strategy, it is often more cost-effective to purchase a comprehensive solution rather than building one from scratch like the Twilio SMS API makes you do. TextUs provides an established product that has undergone rigorous discovery, crafted through customer feedback, and honed in through continuous iteration. Our offering arms you with a mature, market-tested platform right out of the gate. Additionally, it mitigates the substantial costs and complexities of 10DLC compliance, including brand registration and additional vetting procedures- all things that you would have to do on your own and takes substantial time and expertise with Twilio text messaging API.

Easy Branding and Customization Options

TextUs offers customizable text messaging solutions that businesses can white-label or embed into their software platform. This means that companies can brand the messaging system with their unique identity and customize it to fit their needs, such as adding custom messages, images, and videos. Unlike Twilio SMS messaging API, no time is wasted on dev hours to make a product look and feel like your own; we give it to you as an out-of-the-box option.

Competitive Comparison


Total Cost of Ownership
Pre-built software
Embedded messenger 
Pre-built integrations
Easy branding & customization
Implementation assistance Additional cost
Training & documentation
Best-in-class support
10DLC brand registration
Extra vetting
Compliance assistance

Powerful Platform Features

2-Way SMS

Sort conversations, quickly compose & personalize messages, talk-to-text, and look deeper into contact engagement.

Shared Inboxes

Empower teamwork with our company SMS tools, allowing for collaborative response and conversation management.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule multiple text message campaigns at once, or set up recurring campaigns to automate routine communications.

SMS Automation

Schedule messages in advance, automate responses, create drip campaigns, and monitor messages all in one place.

Message Logging

We automatically log messages back to your CRM/ATS/HRIS so you never have to worry about finding text history.

Analytics Insight

Gain insight into messaging, deliverability, and response rates for all accounts, and apply best practices across your organization.

Access from Any Device

We made our platform accessible from your desktop with the TextUs web app, or you can use the Chrome extension alongside your CRM, ATS, or HRIS and leverage the mobile app for on-the-go sending and responding.

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