SMS Marketing Report Reveals Text Messaging as Dominant Method of Communication Among Consumers

2023 SMS Marketing Trends consumer study

Recently released report from TextUs and Benenson Strategy Group provides definitive market overview on how consumers in the US view SMS messaging for both personal and business communications.

A recent study conducted by TextUs and Benenson Strategy Group surveyed smartphone users nationwide on their usage of text messaging. The results provide an insightful look into how consumers interact with text messages in both their personal and business lives.

Consumer preferences largely indicate a strong propensity to utilize SMS to stay in touch.  The study revealed that 77% of users find text messaging helpful for staying in touch with friends and family.  Additionally, 42% say text messaging is a good way to save time compared to phone or email. Only 2% of users say that they usually ignore text messages as much as possible.

The findings also showed that 42% of those surveyed believe that texting is a non-intrusive way to interact with companies or organizations, while 41% of those aged 30-49 think it’s a great way for companies or organizations to keep them informed about new offerings or opportunities. Moreover, 63% of respondents said text messaging was their go-to method for daily communication with people they know, and 50.4% said it was their most effective channel of communication for their business.

“We are encouraged by the findings of our research,” said TextUs VP of Marketing Maggie Mistovich. “We have always known that people are increasingly relying on texting as an effective form of personal communication, but are excited by the growing number of consumers that prefer to interact with businesses via SMS.  This further supports the need for businesses to make sure they are leveraging this channel to engage with prospects, candidates, customers and more,” she adds.

Whether keeping in touch with friends or communicating with customers, texting has become the go-to method for staying connected.  Many people rely on texting more than ever before, and understanding its power is essential for businesses looking to reach consumers effectively.

Download the full report now to see all the stats on how consumers want to be texted:

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