Make the Shift From Promotional to Conversational: TextUs CMO Andrew Kimmell Featured on the Conversational Marketing Podcast

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Our CMO Andrew Kimmell was recently on the Conversational Marketing Podcast. He talks with hosts Sara Pion and Sammi Reinstein about why text messaging is a strictly conversational channel, text-enabling your business number, and the megatrend that’s sweeping through the business landscape.

Check out some clips of his podcast below, as Andrew breaks down how to build a conversational approach to business text messaging.

Business Texting is a Conversational Channel

“What’s so incredible to us about the conversational marketing kind of whole movement, and I think it’s more of a whole consciousness shift actually in business in general, which is we don’t use text messaging promotionally anymore.

That’s not what people want or want to feel, in their personal text messages inbox, and their phone.

I think that’s kind of the shift is the business text messaging space, and the way to bring business up to a text messaging context, is to not think about it as a promotional channel anymore.

Think about it strictly as a conversational channel.”

Get a Simple Yes or No

“That’s a huge benefit too, that it’s kind of unthought of a lot, which is if you’re trying to get just through a list of people, and get yes, nos, or maybes from them, it’s been really hard to do that with cold calls and emails.

But if you do that in the right way, with the right amount of touches, and you’re doing it kind of in a value add way, you can warm people up and get ahold of them, letting them respond when they’re able.

And it’s just a simple text to say, “Oh, no, I’m not interested,” or, “Yeah, let’s schedule a call.”

Text-Enable Your Numbers

“What we believe, is that you should text-enable all of your business numbers, from your top level number that you promote on your website, and just as the general sales number or kind of number to call, all the way down to your sales department, your service department, your department level people.

And then you can even have then your individual numbers of each individual person that should be text-enabled as well.

If you have business numbers for your employees, and you’re not able to text from them, people are texting you right now, texting them right now on that number.

And so what you can do to get started is just text-enable those numbers, so that you can see those texts that are coming through. And then you can actually start responding to the people that do reach out to you, right?

And so that way of just kind of being responsive is the bare minimum that everyone should do, regardless of your business type.”

Call or Text Us

“We believe everybody should say, “Call or text us,” on their 10 digit numbers.

And, to us, that’s really bringing the phone number back into the marketing fold, making it more around this idea of real-time messaging.

It’s kind of this megatrend that’s sweeping through the whole business landscape.”

Listen to the entire episode here or wherever you get your podcasts!

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