The Business Texting Playbook for HR

Learn how to implement business texting messaging in your HR department for quicker, more efficient employee and applicant communication.

If you’re like 97% of smartphone users, you’re a texting pro — and so are your employees and applicants. That’s what makes business texting so effective.

Nearly all of your contacts use text messaging to communicate with their family and friends, so much so that it’s becoming the preferred mode of contact, over phone and email. And though many businesses are joining the texting party, SMS remains in many ways an underused mode of outreach.

That’s right — in this message-a-minute world, text messaging is an uncrowded yet accessible space that allows you to connect, share information, and get responses.

In fact, text messaging has a 98% read rate and a 35% to 45% response rate

Here’s how to tailor your texting strategy to your HR department’s goals, reach candidates, and engage employees faster.


If you’re like most HR managers, you struggle with talent sourcing. Texting can make it easier to get ahold of the best candidates.


Onboarding and Orientation

You want to start off on the right foot with new employees. Using text to provide easy, quick information can improve your onboarding process and keep your new employees impressed and engaged.


Shift scheduling

Text messaging is built for sharing brief, crucial info and getting quick responses — which means it’s built for scheduling. 


Engagement and team-building

You already know that keeping your employees engaged is great for your bottom line. Text can help you spread positive news, share wins, and build employee trust.



Communication about payroll is often urgent and can be assisted with the kind of quick, clear touchpoints that text is great for.


Benefits and Open Enrollment

Most benefit questions can’t be answered over text. But for those that can, a quick SMS can speed along the process for some of your employees — and free up your time for those with more complex issues.


Emergencies and announcements

Text messages can aid in keeping your employees safe, informed, and out of harm’s way in the event of an emergency.



Text surveys can give you real-time insight into who’s happy and who may need some help.


Executive Texts

It can be tough to get the attention of the C-Suite — and crucial. Text messaging can help you get essential information in front of decision makers.


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