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How to Use TextUs to Make Mobile Scheduling Easy

Remember when you had to message back and forth endlessly just to find a time to meet with a contact? How people would wander off during the scheduling process if it was taking too long to get a meeting on the books? How sometimes you would double-book meetings, not realizing you’d offer the same time slot to two people?

If you’re thinking something like, yes, because these things happened this week!, then we’re going to take a moment to geek out to you about digital scheduling services. If your company isn’t using a platform like Calendly or Doodle or their sales tool cousins, like Hubspot’s Meetings or Drift Meetings, please try one of them out right now.

Aren’t they awesome!?

They integrate with your Google or Outlook calendar and let you share your availability with contacts. So, with just a click of a link, your prospects can easily schedule an appointment with you.

So, with almost zero work from you, you can find your calendar packed with relevant meetings with just the contacts you want to talk to.

How does TextUs make this easy process even easier?

A lot of companies rely on email to pass along their scheduling links, putting them in their outreach messages and in their signatures. This is a great practice. But, we know that it’s getting trickier and trickier to get responses over email. If your scheduling link is lost in an overloaded inbox, your calendar is going to stay meetingless.

Text your calendar link to your contacts.

They’ll respond, and your calendar will fill up. It’s so easy. Here are a few scheduling templates you can use.

?Pro Tip: Remove the “http://” from the calendar link to help avoid message blocking. Wireless carriers will also sometimes flag group broadcast messages with links. Don’t worry, if the message is blocked you can re-send as an individual message.

To generate interest in a feature:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, just as you requested, CRM integration is here!  Want to chat about how it can help TextUs close faster? Book a 10-minute consult with me here:

To follow up on an email:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, just wanted to make sure you saw my email about the latest investment research from HBR. Wanna chat about it? Book a meeting with me here:


To pick up a lost conversational thread:

Hey, just wanted to float this to the top of your text inbox because I haven’t heard back from you on the demo. Want to chat about it? Book me here:

To engage passive contacts:

Hey {{contact.first_name}}, it’s been a bit since we connected — are you still interested in scheduling a demo? I’m free to chat whenever works for you! Book me here:


Now just kick back and watch your calendar fill up. Want to talk to us about more ways TextUs can make connecting with contacts a breeze? Book a meeting with us, right here, or shoot us a text at 303-442-3223.


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