Build Vs Buy: Your SMS Solution

white label sms platform

Working at an enterprise software company, you know the value of your platform and continually look for ways to rapidly add features to it. Adding text messaging directly into a platform such as an ATS or CRM is a natural extension to increase the value of your platform since users need a clear and convenient way to communicate with contacts stored in those systems. Two common approaches in SaaS are to either use an API or white label to add functionality. There are pros and cons to using both that we will break down to help you find the right addition for your software platform and customers.


white label sms platform


Leveraging a technology provider to white label or embed a text messaging solution into your software platform is a cost-effective way to improve your communication strategy. TextUs offers businesses an efficient way to incorporate an SMS gateway into their communication tactics and attain benefits that only a leader in the space can offer. More software providers are turning to TextUs’ white label sms solution and seeing an immediate impact on revenue growth and adding value for customers. Learn more by talking with a TextUs expert and schedule a demo today!

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