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Enhance Your Sales and Marketing with TextUs for HubSpot Integration

Sales and Marketing with TextUs for HubSpot Integration

HubSpot has over 167,000 users. Its easy-to-use tools and integrations attract, engage, and delight customers — many of whom are also TextUs customers. This wide usage and attraction to UX prompted us to build an integration with HubSpot to enable marketing and sales teams to enhance communication strategies and automation workflows.

TextUs for HubSpot lets you easily add text messaging to your automation workflows and nurture leads throughout your marketing and sales funnels. You can drive higher conversion rates across your multi-channel campaigns with dynamic personalization and rich media to increase engagement and build pipeline at scale. By leveraging inbound text messages as automation triggers, TextUs lets you easily follow up with leads, prospects, and customers in real-time. TextUs keeps your team informed by logging text conversations back into the HubSpot contact record, making SMS a seamless extension of your CRM and streamlining data into one system of record.

TextUs + HubSpot Key Features

How can marketing and sales teams use business SMS? You can create automation workflows to send out text messages as follow-ups to emails from a marketing campaign, after a contact fills out a form on your website, retargeting efforts, and reminders about upcoming events and webinars. The TextUs + HubSpot integration includes key features to help marketing and sales teams engage better with customers and prospects.

Here are some of the best ways to use TextUs for HubSpot:

1. Build Texts into HubSpot Workflows

You can add a personal, more engaging touch to your automation workflows by building in customizable text messages that send from your TextUs number in response to any automation trigger within HubSpot.

Build Texts into HubSpot Workflows

Think of using this feature when a HubSpot form is completed on your website, after an email is sent or opened, or after a configured amount of time. Pairing email and SMS with your multi-channel marketing increases your response rates and touchpoints with contacts.

2. Use Texts as Automation Triggers

You can use inbound text messages as triggers for other HubSpot actions within your automated workflows, giving you more ways to build your pipeline. An example of using this feature would be if a text message is received from a contact, you can add that contact to a group or campaign, and put them on part of a targeted, messaging journey.

3. Add Two-Way Texting to HubSpot

You can easily respond to prospects and customers by texting them directly from within HubSpot. This includes the functionality to access an embedded version of TextUs from a HubSpot contact profile that lets you use conversation features such as templates and personalizations while providing a seamless user experience. This feature will work on most internet browsers and not just Google Chrome. Time matters in sales, and the seconds and minutes you save with a quick text message can mean the difference between a closed and won or loss deal.

4. Easily Find Conversations

TextUs automatically imports any HubSpot contact you message so you can easily find and resume any conversation. If a text message is sent to a HubSpot contact and they do not exist in your TextUs account, they will automatically be added as a TextUs contact. This ensures the contact is accessible in both TextUs and HubSpot.

Pro Tip: Use the same first and last name for consistency. 

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5. Log Conversations Back to HubSpot

TextUs keeps your team on the same page by auto-logging text communications back into HubSpot for a single system of record. If a text message is sent from HubSpot, the message will be clearly marked within TextUs as originating from HubSpot. This keeps teams informed about where a message within a conversation started and helps avoid confusion if a user is unaware that contacts are receiving automated messages.

Messages will log on a contact activity timeline that is assigned to the HubSpot/TextUs user who messaged them. It will also log messages individually to the contact record with the matching phone number.

TextUs for HubSpot message logging creates customization to meet your organization needs. You will have the option to log as a “Task” or “SMS activity” depending on your organization’s preference. Tasks have more detailed information and are easier to report. SMS Activities are easy to filter in the conversation timeline if your organization already uses tasks.

TextUs and HubSpot Benefits

1. Create more engaging automation workflows

By building customizable outbound SMS and MMS texts into your automation workflows, you can increase engagement and drive higher response rates for your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

2. Nurture leads and enhance pipeline creation

By providing both SMS for workflows and conversational texting, TextUs lets you easily nurture leads and drive higher conversion rates throughout your sales and marketing funnels, improving pipeline creation and speed to close. You can tailor your message to the contact — sometimes it’s better to send a mass, automated text messageto a group, but other times you will have better response rates with personal conversations. Doing both will impact your pipeline the most.

3. Keep your team on the same page

By automatically logging text conversations back to HubSpot, TextUs keeps your team informed so they can engage with prospects and customers more effectively. No matter if you are a remote, hybrid, or onsite team, TextUs keeps you connected to each other, contacts, and your HubSpot CRM.

Be the first to get TextUs for HubSpot when it launches! You will be able to download directly from the HubSpot CRM. If you are a current TextUs customer, the integration is configured and authorized in the TextUs web app under (Settings > Account Settings > Integrations).

If you’re not a customer, be sure to contact us today for more information!

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