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Introducing TextUs High-Volume – Turn Up the Volume on Your Business Texting to Instantly Reach Thousands of People

When text messaging first started being used for business, campaigns were all about impersonal marketing. Contacts received bland, promotional messages from 5-digit numbers. These messages didn’t inspire conversation or connection — often they were just interruptions that got quickly deleted.

As you can imagine, there were lots of problems with messaging this way, but here were the biggest detractors:

#1. Old-school SMS was often expensive for companies (a single, dedicated number could cost $10,000).

#2. Old-school SMS was impersonal instead of targeted.

#3. Old-school SMS was promotional instead of conversational.

That’s why TextUs set out to reinvent SMS for business.

We built a texting platform that was designed to create conversation and connection. And now thousands of recruiters, salespeople, and business pros are using TextUs to communicate faster and build better relationships.

But that was just the first step.

Now, we’re introducing…

TextUs High-Volume Business Texting

Instead of texting just a couple hundred people at a time, you can now instantly reach thousands of contacts. You can send the same personalized, conversational text messages to your entire contact base, engage them with a 98% message read rate and up to a 40% response rate, and start 1:1 conversations with everyone.

And if you’re not available when someone gets back to you, don’t worry — a custom auto-response has your back to keep the conversation flowing.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Import your list of contacts.

Step 2: Draft your message with first name and other personalization fields

Step 3: Send your message and engage responses in real-time conversations

Learn more about this big new feature release here.

2022 State of Texting

We gathered data from TextUs users and outside sources to bring this insightful look at how texting will shape better business results in 2022.  We covered industry trends across many verticals and shed light on texting insights that you can use to establish best practices across your organization.

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