When SMS text messaging first started being used for business, campaigns were all about impersonal marketing.

Contacts received bland, promotional messages from 5-digit numbers. These messages didn’t inspire conversation or connection — often they were just interruptions that got quickly deleted.

When it comes to this old way of sending SMS, there were 3 main problems:


Old-school SMS was  expensive (a dedicated number could cost $10,000).


Old-school SMS was impersonal instead of targeted.


Old-school SMS was promotional instead of conversational.

That’s why at TextUs, we set out to reinvent SMS for business. 🙌


We built a Business-Class Text Messaging™ platform using 10-digit long code numbers to enable conversational business texting.


And now thousands of recruiters, salespeople, political campaigns and business pros are using TextUs to communicate faster and build better relationships.

But that was just the first step.

Now we’re introducing…


Instead of texting groups of a hundred people at a time, you can now reach thousands of contacts.

You can send personalized text messages with a 98% message read rate and up to a 40% response rate, and start 1:1 conversations with everyone.


When you send High-Volume Campaigns with TextUs, you’re giving your contacts a personalized, real-time connection to your business. ⚡


Because when people respond, they start a 1:1 conversation with you.

And if you’re not available, don’t worry — a custom auto-response has your back.

Now you can use business texting that’s less expensive, more personalized and engaging. 🤝


Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Import your list of contacts to target

Step 2:

Draft your message with first name and other personalization fields

Step 3:

Send your message and engage responses in real-time conversations

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