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The Secret to Closing More Deals? Start Texting.

If you aren’t texting, you’re missing out on potential deals. Sales have had to pivot since inception, from door-to-door salespeople to letters to phone calls (a big leap!), then calls to email. And, just as you would’ve been missing out on great connections if you hadn’t started emailing your prospects in the past decade, today, you need to text your contacts. Just take a look:

Let’s put those numbers into words.

Your prospects are too busy to email you – but they will text you

Your most promising prospects are jumping from emails to calls to meetings — all day. Not to mention their actual work. They don’t have time for a call or email that takes their full attention.

Texts take less than 60 seconds to respond to and can be done while multitasking.

Your prospects want to respond to you – make it easy

Texting is convenient! Prospects respond quickly because you’re meeting them where they are.

Emails and voicemails feel like hoops to jump through. Even the most engaged prospect may not have the time to return a long-form communication.

Texting helps you get to meaningful conversations faster

Texting cuts out phone tag and buried emails.

Imagine sending a, “Hi, I’ve got this great solution I think will help you solve your video conferencing woes. Could we talk a few minutes tomorrow?” and getting an instantaneous, “Sure, how about 3?” What a relief to not have to chase down an answer.

Texting also gets you to the ‘no’ faster

A fast “no” helps you get to an enthusiastic “yes” faster. You’ll spend less time with unengaged prospects, letting the good ones slip away.

Texting, regardless if the receiver knows the sender, has a 94% open rate, (as opposed to email at 26.03%), which means you’ll get a prompt “no” from an uninterested prospect. This quick answer gives back time for engaged prospects.

Texting makes your email and phone outreach more effective

Save the introductions and scheduling for texts.

When initial conversations occur in quick texts, your emails and calls become more meaningful. You’re able to get right to the heart of your ask and form a warmer bond with your prospect.

It’s still the Wild West – be an early adopter

There’s less noise to cut through with text because not all marketers are as savvy as you.

Though texting has been shown to be a more initial effective communication strategy than email or phone, you’ll notice you’re still getting initial touches from other businesses by email and phone. Texting is a quiet frontier – jump in!

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2022 State of Texting

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