TextUs for Transportation & Logistics

Manage deliveries, fleet communications and schedules more efficiently with two-way texting.

Why Transportation & Logistics Firms Choose TextUs

Increase Engagement

With a 98% read rate and 40% response rate, texting is a natural fit to efficient logistics management.

Communicate Faster

Reach drivers, employees and clients up to 10x faster than phone or email.

Manage Deliveries

Use a versatile texting platform for transportation & logistics to send and receive delivery notifications and communicate timelines.

Recruit More Effectively

Staff warehouses, delivery drivers and more using SMS to communicate with candidates and fill more job requisitions.

Increase Efficiency

Save time wasted leaving voice mails by using an all-in-one-solution to send text messages en masse.

Follow Up with Ease

Ensure timely deliveries and communicate with shipping and receiving partners with easy-to-deploy text message follow ups.

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