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Get Faster Responses from Candidates
Up to a 35% Response Rate and a 98% Read Rate

Two-Way text messaging from TextUs is the most effective communication platform for recruiters.

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Candidates Respond to Texts

Accelerate your recruiting process by eliminating wasted time
from cold calls, voicemails, and emails.


Candidates often feel uncomfortable checking emails about new positions while at work. Text messaging eliminates this discomfort by efficiently delivering the message directly to the candidates’ personal cell phones. And with the highest response rate of all forms of communication at 35%, two-way text messaging improves your team’s efficiency while increasing closes.

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How does it work?

This is not like the text messaging technology you’re used to. With TextUs you can text any candidate directly from your work landline and communicate on your computer just like you’re used to with instant messenging.

Our sales acceleration platform lets you manage multiple conversations from the convenience of your desk. Recruiters have told us that their prospecting process, which used to take 8 hours, can now be done in 1 hour.

  • Identify Cell Numbers and Text Directly from Your Browser
  • Eliminate up to 7 Hours of Work Per Day with Increased Response Rates
  • Place More Candidates with a More Effective Communication Tool

Benefits of Texting

  • Increase response rates from candidates by up to 800%
  • Save time contacting unresponsive candidates
  • Get responses within minutes
  • Manage multiple conversations from your desktop
  • Text from your computer on your landline
  • Track all text messages from your company


How To Get Started

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    Step 1: Choose Your Team Members

    Select the team members you’d like to participate in the pilot. Feel free to include as many as you’d like!

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    Step 2: Evaluate Your Teams Texting Use Case

    Our business texting specialists will evaluate your use-case and provide you with tips to accelerate your sales during the pilot.

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    Step 3: Create Team Message Templates

    Once we have an idea what messaging will work best for you, we can provide text message templates that your whole team can have access to.

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    Step 4: Evaluate your Pilot Success

    As your team starts texting we will offer methods to evaluate the success of the pilot.


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