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Stop Texting in the Dark: How to Superpower Your Text Messaging with Analytics

You may not know it, but you’ve been texting in the dark. If you’ve wondered whether or not your texts were received, how well your messages perform, and whether you were sending at optimal days and time, you’ve likely relied on rough estimates and guesses. In short, you’ve been texting blind.

Gain deeper insight into your audience

This is where the money is. If you don’t know who your audience is and how they are interacting with your messages, it’s difficult to understand if your efforts are effective.

Text messaging analytics give you a clear picture of your audience and help you answer these crucial questions:

  • Who tends to respond to my team’s messages?
  • What messages are certain clients responsive to?
  • What stage of your customer relationship is best for which messages?

Armed with this information, you can tailor your messages to what your contacts want.

Develop more targeted messages

Just what should your message be? Text message analytics gives you the data you need to answer this question.

You won’t have to rely on gut feeling to guesstimate which message is going to land best. You can explore what specific language performs best within a given group or client. You can test multiple texts among similar groups and find which gets the best response, and which only gets crickets in return.

Remain focused on the right people at the right time

The right message is not only about the right words. The time of day and the day of the week can make or break a texting campaign. And, to complicate things, what timing is successful for a group of, say, travel nurses might be a big fail for your medical coders. Throwing out messages at random isn’t a winning strategy.

With text messaging analytics, you can experiment with lunch-time vs. evening commute messages or see if your clients are open to relationship-building info on the weekends. You can pinpoint when your audience has their phones in their hands, at the ready to respond to your touches, and when they can’t be bothered.

Understand your team’s efficacy

Just as each of your team members has different body language and verbal communication styles, they each have different ways of text messaging, too. You want to balance individual style with proven effectiveness.

By gathering data on who on your team has the best response rates, you can identify the tactics that should be adopted team-wide. And by identifying lower-performers, you can prevent failing strategies from spreading.

Hone your messaging strategy

Bringing all of this together, you have the potential to develop a killer, company-wide text messaging strategy, with analytics as your foundation. By taking the guesswork out of your communication tactics and using data to drive decision-making, you’ll engage your audience more effectively, boost response rates, and close faster.

Ready to give analytics a go? Check out all the features in TextUs Analytics.

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