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Introducing TextUs for Drift: Conversational Text Messaging is Here to Help You Build Better Relationships Now

A few years ago, listening to the Seeking Wisdom podcast, I heard Drift CEO David Cancel say “your website is like your store,” and it all clicked. Our websites are like our physical brick and mortar stores, and we’re creating an experience for every customer who visits, just like we would if we were meeting in person.

If we thought about our websites that way, we’d do things a little differently.

If we were running brick and mortar stores, we would never run up to our customers as soon as they walked in the door, holding out a clipboard and demanding their email address before they even looked at our products. But, this is exactly what we’re doing with our annoying Subscribe Now pop-ups on our websites.

In a physical store, we would never interrupt people in the middle of asking us a question and make them fill out a form before giving them the info they need. But, that’s exactly what we do on our websites when we offer people a long form instead of immediate help.

If we thought of our website as our store, we would be friendly from the get-go and available to start a conversation on the customers’ terms.

Today, businesses are no longer in control – the customers are. And those customers aren’t up for cold calls and stale emails – they’re demanding real-time communication on their terms. In fact, according to research from Salesforce, 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers said they expect companies to respond to and interact in real time.

Your potential customers expect you to be available when they’re ready. When they’re on your website, they want a quick conversation. And when they’re out and about, they want to text.

It’s time to bridge the gap between the browsing experience and the mobile experience.

But, rather than just tell you why using conversational marketing and text messaging together will create the best experience for your audience, we decided to make it easy to do just that. Introducing TextUs for Drift – our new integration to allow you to start texting right from Drift.

The New Conversational Communication Strategy

With Drift, you can create a conversational marketing experience on your website like never before. And now, TextUs is here to help you move that conversation seamlessly from the website to the smartphone in your contact’s pocket.

TextUs makes all your existing business phone numbers textable. This means that every customer-facing employee will be available at their current numbers and ready to start a text messaging conversation. Now you can promote that contacts can “Call or Text Us at: XXX-XXX-XXXX” on your email signatures, social media, and your website.

But, you don’t want your team to just start texting random promotional messages or mass blasts. It’s not just the tech that needs to change – it’s the way we think about reaching out that needs an upgrade, too. At TextUs, we’re bringing SMS from promotional to conversational.


Here’s an example. Start your message with the contact’s first name, introduce yourself to warm them up with a personal approach, and finish with a conversational call to action that gets a 40%+ response rate.

With a conversational text messaging strategy you can build better relationships, connect the way your contacts want to, and provide a one-to-one connection to your customers.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: Collect phone numbers in Drift playbooks and conversations

To get started texting, collect phone numbers using Drift’s phone number capture. Not sure if a number is mobile? No worries, we’ll confirm you can text the contact with TextUs mobile number validation.


Step 2: Use the “/text” command to send a text message right from a Drift Conversation

When you start a message with the “/text” command, TextUs will send a text message from your business number to the contact and add the contact to your TextUs contact list.


Step 3: Manage TextUs message responses without leaving Drift

When a contact responds, you’ll be notified in the TextUs Chrome Extension, allowing you to easily manage the conversation without having to leave Drift. You’ll also be able to manage text message conversations in the TextUs Web App and on your phone with the TextUs Mobile App.

With Drift and TextUs, you can start real-time conversations with anyone, anywhere. To get started and learn more visit


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