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5 Can’t-Miss On-Demand Staffing and Recruiting Webinars

The talent you want is constantly evolving. If you and your team want to keep up, you need to strive and improve along with them. A lot of staffing executives read the standard blogs and follow the same news stories. They don’t think outside the box when it comes to team education.

1. ROI Demystified: Using Data to Maximize Your Talent Attraction Strategy

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When it comes to data, there’s a lot of noise out there. Jeff McCarthy from Indeed helps you pay attention to which staffing and recruiting numbers are most important. This webinar helps you connect the dots between your strategic goals and the metrics that matter.

You’ll learn:

    • How data helps you find the right candidates for your niche
    • How to effectively use automated sourcing
    • How to easily track candidate performance

2. Staffing Industry Sales & Marketing Communication Benchmarking Webinar

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TextUs execs Ted Guggenheim and Erich Hugunin draw on extensive staffing industry data to find what the fastest-growing staffing firms do right. Moderated by David Folwell of The Growth Co. and Staffing Hub, this webinar examines which technology choices and communication strategies accelerate growth — and which don’t.

You’ll learn:

    • How your staffing and recruiting firm can sell more, faster
    • Industry average close rates and days-to-close
    • How to effectively use text messaging to place more candidates
    • What messages increase response rates

3. Is It Me You’re Looking For?: Sourcing Tools Breakdown

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Expert recruiter Dean Da Costa of Search Authority brings you the sourcing tools you haven’t heard of and teaches you to make the most of the ones your recruiters use on the regular.  

You’ll learn:

    • Which anonymous sourcing tools help you become embedded in talent communities
    • How to hyper-target your sourcing efforts
    • How to profile scrape for talent and bolster the information in your ATS

4. 11 Proven Tips for Landing the Perfect HR Tech Solutions for Your Company

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What determines how effective your recruiting tech is? Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, argues that it’s how closely your tools tie to your strategic goals. This webinar maps out a realistic, tactical way to make successful HR tech decisions.

You’ll learn:

    • Why tech should be your firm’s top priority
    • How to pitch tech changes to your team
    • How to ensure your tech decisions will be successful

5. Recruiter Therapy: Overcoming the Top 10 Candidate-Related Issues Recruiters Face

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Note: ASA Membership Required

Chances are your recruiters are facing some of the issues Erin Bent of Next Level Exchange highlights in this webinar. Do your recruiters ever get into ruts or lose inspiration in the midst of a long search? This webinar will help you teach them strategies to give their work new life.

You’ll learn:

    • How to revive a dying candidate search
    • How to boost your recruiters when their spirits are low
    • How to deal with lack of candidate response
    • How to find happy, interested candidates

There you have it — 5 can’t-miss staffing and recruiting webinars. Watch them whenever you have a spare hour and a fast internet connection.

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