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Generate More Pipeline With SMS

Last week we posted about how leveraging SMS can lead to higher engagement and conversion. We also illustrated how SMS can affect your return on investment. This week we’ll go over how that translates into what your text messages should look and sound like with a few examples in varying sales industries.

12 Text Message Examples of How to Generate More Pipeline With SMS

Given what we now know about how SMS can improve the sales funnel, here are some examples and templates you can put into practice today to improve new business generation as well as drive cross-sell and upsell revenue streams.


SMS templates for generating net new business

Generate pipeline among your prospects by engaging with opted-in lists.

 Sports / Events

Example 1 // One-to-many outreach
The season is heating up! Take advantage of our multi-game VIP packs while there are still seats available. Interested? Reserve your games here [include example of branded shortened link]

Example 2 // Conversational follow up
Hey [name], I wanted to make sure you saw the VIP package specials we are running right now. Do you have some time this week to connect?



Example 1 // One-to-many outreach
Heather: Special sale for SMS subscribers! Get 20% off until 6/10 with the code “TEXTUS”

Example 2 // Conversational follow up
Larry: The Yeti cooler you wanted is back in stock! Let me know if you’d like me to put one on hold for you.


  B2B SaaS

Example 1 // Nurture sequence to improve sales cycle conversion
(First message) Harrison: Our demo is scheduled for 1/29 at 3pm. Here’s a calendar invite! (insert ics)
(Second message) Harrison: reminder for our demo in two days. Looking forward to it!
(Third message) Harrison: Ahead of our call tomorrow, please let me know if you have any specific topics you’d like me to cover. See you tomorrow for our live demo!


 Real Estate / Property Management

Example 1 // One-to-many outreach
[campaign message with image] Bayside Apartments is now leasing for fall! Interested in learning more? Reply with APPLY

Example 2 // Conversational follow up
Sarah: Thank you for your interest in Bayside Apartments. Please visit our website and apply with the unit you’re interested in:



Example 1 // One-to-many outreach
Heather: The summer travel season is around the corner! Book early to guarantee the best rates. For availability, reply STAY

Example 2 // Conversational follow up
Tom: Thank you for thinking of staying at our beach house in June! We have the 2nd week open as of right now. Would you like to book?


 Automotive / Car Dealerships

Example 1 // One-to-many outreach
[campaign message with image] We’re closing out our 2023 inventory to make room and are slashing up to 30% below sticker price. Book your test drive today! To see inventory, reply with CARS

Example 2 // Conversational follow up
Hey Tim, we just got several new 4Runners in stock that match your mileage and price range. Let me know if you’re ready to schedule a test drive. You can snag a time on my calendar here [insert branded link]


Final Thoughts

Text messaging has revolutionized the marketing landscape, yet its full potential remains untapped. For savvy marketers aiming to heighten engagement rates and catalyze sales growth, SMS has emerged as an indispensable tool. Harnessing the power of text messaging can lead to quantifiable improvements in productivity and, ultimately, a robust sales pipeline.

In crafting a holistic sales communication strategy, the inclusion of SMS is non-negotiable. Leveraging this channel is about much more than ticking a box; it’s about creating a dynamic, multi-faceted approach that resonates with your target audience. Precision-tailored SMS campaigns can build stronger bonds with both prospects and existing customers – turning casual conversations into conversions and automated texts into meaningful interactions.

If you’re ready to add SMS to your marketing strategy, chat with a TextUs expert today & download the full guide, Unlock Sales Growth: The Untapped Potential of SMS Marketing, to learn more.

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