51 Text Message Templates Your HR Team Can Use Today

Have you noticed that your applicants and even employees take a long time to respond to your calls and emails? If they respond at all? Like you, they are inundated with messages. Each day, they probably receive dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails.

Being part of a more connected world can speed up business, but it also means that traditional channels of communication are crowded and becoming less effective each day.

Text messaging is a great way to cut through the noise. It is far more effective than an email in getting people’s attention – 8x more likely to get a response be exact! 

Our text messaging templates here are designed specifically for HR teams.  They will help you engage your employees, speed your onboarding process, and attract the attention of talented candidates. Read on or download and share with your team!

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Text Message Templates for Employee Engagement

Texting is the fastest form of communication for employee engagement. Your candidates and employees are on-the-go, and you don’t want to wait for them to respond to voicemails or email. But, to really get there attention, you have to send the right message. We’ve put together templates for you to do just that.

    • Introducing text messaging — Need to let your candidates and clients know that it’s ok for them to text you? Or do you want to get permission to start texting? These templates provide ideas for kicking off a solid texting relationship.
    • Onboarding and Orientation — Now that you’ve gotten permission, you want to get your onboarding and orientation are full of the kind of brief but crucial information that’s perfect for text messaging.
    • Ongoing TrainingEmployees will be more likely to attend trainings and come more prepared with some info by text beforehand.
    • Encouragement and Team BuildingBuild on staff relationships and encourage engagement with short, well-timed messages.
    • PayrollIf your timesheet requests and tax reminders get lost in the shuffle, try texting to encourage quicker response.
    • Benefits and Open Enrollment — Use text reminders to get your team onboard with their benefits more quickly.
    • SurveysQuick text surveys are a great way to remain on the pulse of employee engagement, satisfaction, and efficiency.
    • AnnouncementsInclude your contacts in your celebrations and keep them up-to-date on company news and transitions.


Text Message Templates for Recruiting

    • Introducing text messagingMake communication as easy as possible by letting candidates know they can text you, too.
    • Interview SchedulingProvide details about meetings or interviews with specific times to follow up more substantively.
    • ReferralsUse text to touch base with people in your network who can introduce you to top-level candidates.
    • Dormant CandidatesTouch base with past candidates who you haven’t heard from in awhile.
    • Conferences & Job FairsKeep your contacts informed about your location and activities at conferences and job fairs.

View and Download Templates

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