SMS Guide for Sports Teams

A comprehensive guide on how text messaging can help build strong relationships with your team and fans and fill more seats.

Communication is important in professional sports. Knowing which plays will be called and how they will be executed is part of sports strategy. Poor communication on the field, court, or ice can cost you the game — and even fans.

Sports teams can enhance the fan and team experience by leveraging effective communication strategies, including adding text messaging into the mix. With 98% open rates and 40% response rates, SMS can be an effective way to ensures that fans are informed and up-to-date as well as create a more personalized and engaging experience.

Ways SMS can be used for sporting events

SMS can be a useful tool to have in your toolkit. Let’s take a look at some specific ways in which SMS can be used in sports.

Event reminders

Remind fans of upcoming events and to encourage them to purchase tickets.

Ticket sales

Promote and sell tickets and communicate last minute offers to fill last minute seats.

Team broadcast

Quickly communicate important information without having to send individual texts to each player.

Send 1:1 Texts

Send 1:1 text to players to communicate directly as needed before and after games.

Merchandise offers

Send special offers on merchandise related to the event.

Fan experience

Send surveys and request feedback to improve the fan experience.

Emergency alerts

Alert fans of any emergencies or changes to the event schedule.

Parking updates

Sending updates about parking availability or shuttle information.

Read about how the Las Vegas Aviators are working with TextUs to fill their 10,000 person stadium.

SMS features to look for

To make the most of effective communication tools including text messaging, you should consider how the technology will help you accomplish your goals faster.

What are some of the key features you should look for when researching text messaging solutions for your sports team?


Use Keywords to send back an automated message when they use the preferred keyword. For example, a person can text in the keyword “TICKETS” to receive more information on current availability.


Create groups based on expressed interest, like season tickets, allowing you to send personalized, targeted and customized content that will drive sales.


Broadcast the same text message to multiple contacts and schedule them to be sent at optimal and most convenient times, like promotions, emergencies or office closures.

Unlimited Campaign Sizes

Send campaigns to larger audiences with industry-leading throughput. (Daily message limits may apply.)

Mobile App

When you’re on the go, leverage our mobile app to stay connected from anywhere. Otherwise, you can use TextUs directly from your browser or using our Chrome extension.

Rich Media

Include photos, GIFs, or PDFs to your audience to show users visuals that can help increase engagement and provide more valuable information.


Measuring your analytics is important to know if your text messages are resonating with your audience and allow you to adapt to improve your communication strategy.

CRM Integration

Your tech stack should complement one another and work together in order to improve your workflows and make your and your team’s jobs easier.

Using SMS to fill more seats

Whether your sports team has multiple trophies with a loyal fanbase or fun events that bring in the crowd, texting is a great communication tool to connect with your ticket holders and expand sales. Texting lets you build relationships even after the seats are booked.

  • Sell tickets: Fans can purchase tickets directly through SMS by texting a keyword to your number.
  • Provide ticket updates: Teams and organizations can use SMS to provide fans with updates about ticket availability, on-sale dates, and other information.
  • Send ticket reminders: SMS can be used to send reminders to fans about upcoming games and events, including details about how to access their tickets.
  • Offer ticket promotions: Teams and organizations can use SMS to offer special ticket promotions or discounts to fans.

10 text message templates for ticket sales

1. Tom – March Madness is here! Reaching out to our season ticket holders so you can secure seats to cheer on the Hoos. Reply back with “MADNESS” to talk about options today!

2. Hey, Bri: The Diamondbacks are on a winning streak. Schedule time to talk about tix here [link to calendar]

3. Luke – It’s here! Our seating and pricing chart for available season tickets. Take a look and text me back with a few options to book today. Go Bruins! [link to chart]

4. Hi Pat! Happy to let you know that your wait is over and we have an opening in our suites. Text back “Jaguars” to let me know you’re still interested in the best views.

5. Gary: Want a chance to win FREE playoff tickets? Simply reply back “PENS” to be entered to win.

6. Izzie – This is Sam with the VIP club for the Braves. We have an unlimited number of packages available for our home opener. Are you interested in hearing more? Reply “PLAY BALL” to explore options!

7. Hi Danny! Want to join us for Craft and Draft night at Paul Brown Stadium? We will have different apps and brews to try as you watch the Bengals play the Steelers. Click to book now [link to event]

8. Heather – It’s fireworks night on July 3 at American Family Field! What better way to celebrate the holiday than with the best view and team in America! Reply back with “FREEDOM” to hear our deals!

9. Don: Brewers won 95 games last season! How many wins will you see this year?! Season ticket renewals are here! Here are the current prices. [link to price chart]

10. Hey Wendy! Thank you for being a loyal Cavs fan! We have several fun events this season and wanted to let you know about our group deals. Here’s the lineup! [link to events]

Auto-replies (using Keywords) and automation for ticket sales can include promotions for events or giveaways. You can also grow your subscriber base by easily opting in fans to receive text messages in the future.

Keep fans engaged by encouraging them to share photos from their time at the game and then text to a campaign you create for fan photos. You can also send PDFs or photos for fan appreciation events or featured promotions to season ticket holders. Track analytics of your text messages and learn what your fans are interested in receiving.

You can evaluate the types of content and graphics that are increasing your engagement and leading to more sales.

Using SMS for team communication

The athlete ban on phones signals one important factor: players are on their phones and prefer using them for information. Whether you need to motivate the team, give details on practice, remind them about events, or relay information to the team in a timely manner, text messaging will get your message delivered and responded to faster.

  • Communication: Communicate with players and other staff, particularly in situations where phone calls may not be practical.
  • Scheduling: Send reminders and updates about practice and game schedules to players and staff.
  • Coordination: Coordinate logistics, such as travel arrangements and equipment rental, among team members and staff.
  • Monitoring player well-being: Check in with players on their physical and mental well-being, particularly during times of stress or injury.
  • Building team culture: Create a sense of community and camaraderie among team members, by sending motivational messages or sharing team news and updates.

10 text message templates to use with your players:

1. Hey Team: Reminder that practice is tomorrow at 6AM.

2. Team: Bus leaves at 10AM for our away game.

3. Team: It’s training season! Reply “TRAINING” to receive automated schedules texted to you.

4. Great win team! Already have a GIF for Clint’s catch (insert GIF)

5. Reminder: our charity event at the children’s hospital is 7/12. Meet at the West Wing Entrance at 9AM.

6. Off season workout challenge attached! Reply “WIN” to join. (insert PDF of workout challenges)

7. Weather update: Dress extra warm for practice tomorrow

8. Get ready for the 2023 season! Attached is our game schedule (insert PDF)

9. Monday motivation from fellow wolfpack teammate Jimmy V: “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

10. Hey Team: Change of time for Friday’s practice. Meet at 8AM now. Reply “ROGER” to confirm.

Auto-replies (using Keywords) and automation for coaches and players can include subscribing to workouts or schedule reminders. You can create workflows that let the team know about workout, practice, or game details without having to remember to send them!

You can include attachments like PDFs so the team has the entire schedule or notes they will need right at their fingertips. Capture images and GIFs of your team to relive top plays and moments from the game in order to motivate the players.

One of the greatest benefits of business texting is that you are already familiar with text messages. A business texting app should be easy for you and the team to use and implement quickly to stay connected.

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