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Text Messaging Automation Just Got Easier

Communicate with prospects and customers without cutting into your business schedule with automated text messages for your business.

Keywords makes it easy to auto-respond to questions, re-target customers and grow your contact list.

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How SMS Automation Works

When a specific keyword is texted into a phone number, the keyword triggers an automated message to be sent back in response. Replies can include images, videos or PDFs to help you stand out in everyone’s busy inbox.

Looking to re-target or follow up with customers and prospects? We’ll segment your contacts into groups based on what they’ve expressed interest in, allowing you to send targeted and customized content that will drive engagement at scale.

Plus, text message automation helps you grow your contact list faster by giving contacts a simple way to opt-in to your SMS communication.

Benefits of SMS automation

  • Save time by providing automated answers to common questions
  • Grow your contact list by simplify opt-ins
  • Re-target contacts with follow-up information, like reminders, upsells or confirmations
  • Gather important information quickly, like interest in certain products

What's Included

Unlimited SMS Keywords

Create an unlimited number of keyword triggers and paired auto responses to be used in a variety of ways across your messaging accounts.

Customizable Automated Responses

Create more engaging auto responses using texting templates, rich media such as images and videos, or personalized messages.

Keyword-Driven Contact Groups

When a person texts in a keyword, they will be automatically added to a contact group that can be used for future re-trageting campaigns.

Shared Keywords

Access admin-level controls to apply and lock down keywords that will be shared across your entire organization.

Just a Few Ways You Can Use Keywords

Provide Instant Assistance

Give your contacts the help they need, when they need it - such as business hours or event information.

Give your Marketing a Boost

Invite customers to text for promotions or upcoming events.

Get Fast Responses

Create simple polls to gauge interest in future services or products.

Simplify Alerts

Allow customers to sign up to receive notifications or alerts, such as closures, exclusive deals or product availability.

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