TextUs Announces Link Shortening Capabilities to SMS Software Platform

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Leading conversational texting platform has rolled out global shortened links across its platform, enabling all users to easily shorten URLs in outbound SMS messages.

Denver, Colorado, June 1, 2023 – TextUs, the leading conversational texting platform has announced the release of global link shortening across its platform, allowing users to quickly add shortened links to outbound text messages in conversational messages, mass text campaigns and text messaging templates.

As SMS carrier regulations and 10DLC compliance have become more prominent in the last few years, the need for provider-trusted URLs has grown for businesses using text messaging to communicate with customers, candidates, employees and more. Often, carriers will block messages that are perceived as spam and the presence of both long URLs and untrusted shortened URLs, such as bit.ly, raise flags that prevent messages from getting through and hamper overall SMS deliverability rates. TextUs has recognized the need for unified shortened link structure across its platform in order to improve trust and deliverability. As such, they have released a new feature that shortens links in outbound messages to improve deliverability over than of generic 3rd party URL shorteners.

TextUs has seen good deliverability success with its Campaigns Pro offering, which has an option for companies to utilize custom branded shortened links within its messages. As a result of this, it became clear that universal link shortening capabilities were needed globally across the platform. The new global shortened links feature allows all users to leverage the same shortened link structure across all of an organization’s text communications.

As SMS has become the communication tool of choice for many businesses, TextUs has seen adoption of the medium expand. In TextUs’ latest State of Texting report, they found text messaging to be the leading communication channel among those surveyed, outpacing email and phone by large margins. Over 50% indicated text messaging was the most effective way to communicate in their business workflows. Additionally, 62% of users indicate they are using text messaging multiple times per day. Given the rise in texting as a primary communication preference, link shortening capabilities have become a need-to-have for businesses in order to ensure deliverability rates remain high.

“We are excited to announce the release of our new link shortening capability, giving teams the ability to share links seamlessly within their text communications and maximize the impact of their SMS channel,” notes Megan Dumas, Product Marketing Manager at TextUs. “We hope to empower teams to maintain the exceptional deliverability rates they have come to expect from TextUs,” she adds. “We’ve seen a multitude of use cases that benefit from this feature such as sharing job postings, scheduling meetings, or promoting other calls to action, and are excited to continue to see them evolve as we get this into our customers’ hands.”

TextUs has seen link shortening as a tremendous value add for all kinds of use cases including, but not limited to, talent acquisition, staffing and recruiting, employee engagement, text message marketing, sales pipeline build and funnel conversion and customer success. To learn more about TextUs’ global link shortening capabilities and see the platform in action, please schedule a demo at https://textus.com/.

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