Martin Payne, TextUs CEO, on The Staffing Show Podcast

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We’re excited to share that our CEO, Martin Payne, was recently a guest on The Staffing Show podcast, where he talked to Caitlin Delohery, the Editor in Chief of StaffingHub. Martin shared why he joined TextUs and decided to lend his expertise to a business texting platform: I think [texting] has so much promise going forward to make communications with … Read More

30 Business Texting Templates Everyone Should Be Using in 2020

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2020 hasn’t been an easy year. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you make your interactions with your audience as easy for them as possible. And why, with these templates, we’re hoping to make your outreach a little easier for you, too. Here are some easy-to-use templates organized by the type of texts everyone should be sending these … Read More

Why Empathy is Your Superpower in Business Communication

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The most important skill that James Allworth, the Head of Innovation at Cloudflare, learned at Harvard Business School wasn’t data acumen, discipline to get through long work weeks, or a laser-focus on goals.  It was empathy.  He writes:  “Serious people will regularly dismiss empathy for the more concrete and defensible virtues of rational analysis. You’ll get no argument from me … Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Send That Business Text Message in 2020

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2020 is a year that will have its own chapter in the history books.  From an economy-stopping pandemic that has taken thousands of lives to widespread civil unrest that has thrown the spotlight on deep fissures in the country, to say that it’s no longer “business as usual” is a huge understatement.  So, if you’re reading this article, you’re looking … Read More

The Anti-Spam Checklist: How to Avoid Becoming a Spammer

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Now more than ever, it’s important to make your communication meaningful.  You may feel pressure in these stressful times to do whatever you can to get your contacts’ attention — even reach out too often or send messages out too broadly –but resist this temptation.  Spam is never warranted, but in times when people are focused on big issues, sending … Read More

TextUs Offering Complimentary Service for Essential Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak

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As you know, many of the businesses deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic are experiencing challenges communicating with their customers and staff. Most essential workers are strapped for time, in the field, and away from computers. But, communication and coordination are more important than ever for managing relationships and sharing time-sensitive updates.  That’s why we’re offering TextUs for Essential Businesses, … Read More

How to Recruit in Real Time and 10x Productivity with TextUs & Bullhorn [WEBINAR]

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We’re excited to announce our latest webinar, Recruit in Real Time: Learn How to 10x Productivity with TextUs & Bullhorn. Join us on Tuesday, March 24th, at 1 pm EST.   In this webinar, Josh Berndt, our Director of Enterprise Sales, will be joined by Ahad Bhaiji, Solutions Consultant at Bullhorn — they’ll show you how TextUs and Bullhorn can help … Read More

The Give, Give, Give, Ask Strategy: How to Build Trust Using Text Messaging for Business [with Templates]

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Think about how you communicate to build relationships — not with leads and customers but with your friends and family.  First, if you’re like most people, you don’t even “cold call” your closest friends anymore. Instead, you text first to see if now would be a good time to talk. Second, you likely don’t ask for help, favors, advice, and … Read More

TextUs Secures Series B Funding to Fuel Growth of Leading Business Texting and Real-Time Communication Software Platform

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We’re excited to announce the initial close of our Series B funding round. The new equity plus expanded debt facility gives TextUs $5MM of additional capital to grow our business. We’ll invest the capital in expanding our voice and text products, cementing our market leadership in the staffing sector, growing our team, and keeping our customers happy.  In today’s on-demand … Read More