30 Business Texting Templates Everyone Should Be Using in 2020

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2020 hasn’t been an easy year. That’s why it’s more important than ever that you make your interactions with your audience as easy for them as possible. And why, with these templates, we’re hoping to make your outreach a little easier for you, too. Here are some easy-to-use templates organized by the type of texts everyone should be sending these … Read More

The Anatomy of a Good Business Text Message

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If you’re like most people, you’ve been writing business emails and making professional phone calls for most of your career. You’ve likely developed shorthands, techniques, and even templates to make your outreach as successful as possible.  Business text messaging is a new frontier for many people. And though 64% of consumers want businesses to reach out by text, many companies … Read More

6 Text Message Templates to Boost Engagement at Your Next Event

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A few weeks ago, we sponsored StaffingHub Live, the inaugural staffing event built to help firms scale faster, put on by our favorite source of industry intelligence, StaffingHub. At the event, executives learned a lot, made connections, and had some fun.  We also tested out the TextUs Concierge for the first time, using TextUs Next to answer attendees’ questions, share … Read More

The Business Texting Playbook for Sales

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Learn how to tap into business texting for your sales team to grow your lead numbers, close leads faster, and increase revenue. As a sales leader, you know how hard it is to get people’s attention. You’re competing for a constantly dwindling resource – not your audience’s money or space or time, but their attention. Even when you have perfect … Read More

The Business Texting Playbook for HR

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Learn how to implement business texting messaging in your HR department for quicker, more efficient employee and applicant communication. If you’re like 97% of smartphone users, you’re a texting pro — and so are your employees and applicants. That’s what makes business texting so effective. Nearly all of your contacts use text messaging to communicate with their family and friends, … Read More

Introducing Business Texting Playbooks

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Successful business texting is both an art and a science. It combines the finesse, charm, and simplicity of great business communication with the thoughtful outreach strategies that will help you connect and close faster. Creative text messaging strategies from your peers and competitors Data and experience-driven tips that help you expand how you use text messaging Targeted templates that help … Read More

51 Text Message Templates Your HR Team Can Use Today

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Have you noticed that your applicants and even employees take a long time to respond to your calls and emails? If they respond at all? Like you, they are inundated with messages. Each day, they probably receive dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails. Being part of a more connected world can speed up business, but it also means … Read More